Town Of Oyster Bay Increases Salaries


At the Jan. 9 Oyster Bay Town Board meeting, the town’s finance director, Robert Darienzo, announced that adjustments to the town code will impact salary lines that haven’t been changed since 2010.
“One thing I want to make clear is that while these specific adjustments were not contemplated when we prepared the 2024 budget, whenever we prepare a budget, we allow funds to be set aside for contingency or for items like these, adjustments that aren’t made,” Darienzo said. “Any adjustments you make today, there is in fact money available in the 2024 budget to cover them.”
The Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor said he has “received no slips” regarding this hearing, and he had no questions for Darienzo.
In the Town Board section of the town code, the adjustments for Council Members’ salaries are going to be changing from $57,500 to $63,500. In the section related to Receiver of Taxes, the figure rises from $110,000 to $125,000. In the section related to the Town Clerk’s office, the salary raises from a total of $114,000 to $129,000 and in the Executive Department, the Supervisor’s salary is increased from $140,000 to $155,000.
“Those figures have not been adjusted in 14 years and if you extrapolate the percentages between the increases we just described, you’re talking about less than 1 percent per year on average between 2010 and 2024,” Darienzo said.
Town Attorney Frank Scalera emphasized that the Receiver of Taxes, Town Clerk and Supervisor are receiving the same raise, $15,000.
“Because there are some modifications in this hearing, as compared to the local law that was published, I understand the salary adjustments were already discussed and put on the record and I understand that there would be an additional, on a yearly basis, adjustments to the Town Board members of $1,500 per annum and other three offices, Receiver, Town Clerk and Supervisor, an adjustment of $2,500 to start in 2025,” Scalera said.
The Town Board voted in favor of closing the hearing and making the adjustments.


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