Town Board To Request Traffic Study Near Amazon Warehouse


At the Sept. 12 Town of Oyster Bay Town Board meeting, resident Robin Grossman of Jericho went before the board to alert them to illegal turns being made on Robbins Lane next to the Syosset Amazon Warehouse.
Grossman said she has already contacted the town’s Highway Operation and its Sign Division, and the local police.
“It has to do with Robbins Lane and Amazon, and Amazon just doesn’t seem to be following their own rules,” Grossman said, holding up a graph she made. “I have several days and hours worth of video and photos of the Amazon trucks of all kind, whether its private delivery cars, the big box trucks and the blue trucks actually coming from North from South, coming down Robbins Lane and coming to make a left hand turn into this property. In order to make that left hand turn, they actually have to overshoot, because there’s a cement curve, and a curve curbed… and then turn into the right hand turn-only lane. They’re not supposed to be doing that.”
The day before, Grossman said she saw a truck make a left hand turn into a “Do Not Enter” driveway.
“If the police were there when I requested them to watch the area, we would have a ton of money in revenue because there’s so many illegal turns,” Grossman said. “Not only that, it’s beginning to back up traffic. And one… I was cut off. And two… nobody’s expecting anybody to stop because the traffic is literally supposed to go one way, north to south, south to north, with a special turning lane only. There’s no left turning lane.”
Grossman said she would like a sign placed in the area to deter drivers from making illegal turns.
“I think what we should all do is have the highway department follow through with a study,” said Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino. “We’re going to ask for a study, we’re going to focus on safety. Safety is very important to us.”
Saladino said once the town receives the results of the study, they will contact Amazon in order to alleviate the problem and bring about more safety, while allowing the Amazon employees to do their daily tasks.


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