Plans For Hotel At Jericho Commons Stall


For years now, there have been discussions over a Marriott Residence Inn at the Jericho Commons. These discussions, though, have materialized into nothing.
Back on May 7, 2019, a special use permit was approved by the Town of Oyster Bay to build a 93-room Marriott Residence Inn hotel. This special use permit was required since it will be located at the Jericho Commons, a general business zone that typically excludes hotels. In addition, the hotel will receive over $1 million dollars in tax breaks under the notion that it will create jobs and support the local economy.These developments turned this hotel into a source of controversy. There are petitions, both with over 1,000 signatures, in favor and against the project. The main concerns are the tax breaks, parking shortages, and potential safety issues to local residents from the hotel. On the contrary, those in favor believe it will help the historic Milleridge Inn, located to the front of the hotel, and the local economy prosper.
Although the town gave the green light on the development over four years ago, no construction has started. In fact, Kimco Realty, the property owner, has not even submitted building plans to the town.
In an email, Town of Oyster Bay spokeswoman Marta Kane said, “The Town Board approved a special use permit for them to construct the hotel. As with any building project in the town, they [Kimco Realty] would need to submit building plans before putting shovels in the ground. The builder has not as of yet moved forward.”
Kimco Realty, the developer, faces some roadblocks in the construction of the hotel, casting doubt on it. Their property manager of the Jericho Commons, Glenn Ward, said in an email that he was “told that this project is on hold. No plans at this time are moving forward.” Kimco declined to comment further.
Jericho residents in East Birchwood, the neighborhood next to the planned hotel, are confused.
“We are wanting to hear if they are going ahead with the project. We haven’t heard anything,” said Roy Chipkin, president of the East Birchwood Civic Association.
With no development in the foreseeable future, Jericho residents continue to wonder if the hotel will be built and what’s stopping its construction.


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