Town Of Oyster Bay To Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


With an increase of drivers traveling in electric vehicles, it is not shocking that the Town of Oyster Bay will be adding electric vehicle charging stations.
“The proposed amendments to the traffic code are needed to address the increased number of electric vehicles being used by the residents of the Town of Oyster Bay,” said the Town of Oyster Bay Deputy Town Attorney Anthony Curcio at the July 18 Town Board meeting. “As the technology improves and the cost to develop, the technology gets better and cheaper, electric vehicles will become increasingly prevalent in the town.”
At the July 18 Town Board meeting, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino and the board heard an amendment that would increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations at town facilities, including, but not limited to, Theodore Roosevelt Park, John J. Burns Park, The Western Waterfront and Syosset/Woodbury Park.
A $500,000 grant was awarded to the town by New York State to help fund the installation of these electric vehicle charging stations.
“We’re adding electric charging stations to places that are required right now in the town, including town facilities, parks, that sort of thing, to meet the environmental initiatives of the town and New York State which are taking place,” Curcio explained when asked by Saladino to explain the purpose of the legislation.
Saladino added that an increase of electric vehicle charging stations is fitting for a town that is environment-forward, thanking the town board, officials and staff who have embraced the activities and policies relating to the environment.
“Whether it’s putting millions of clam and oysters into our Bay and on the south shore; whether it’s redirecting runoff to protect our waterways, we do so much from an environmentally conscious standpoint, whether it’s solar energy LED lighting, the list goes on and on,” Saladino said. “And we’re all very proud that we have been protecting our environment not only for today, but for your future and your grandchildren’s future here in the town.”
Saladino also referenced an initiative that supported the cleanup of the Grumman Navy plume, one of the largest and highest concentrations, plumes anywhere in a sole source aquifer anywhere in America.
“I just wanted to thank the Town Attorney’s Office for coming forward with this, because what this does is it enables us to move very quickly as we build out our charging stations for electric and plug-in vehicles throughout the town,” said Town Councilman Steve Labriola. “As people back at home may not know, but the Town of Oyster Bay is a recipient of the largest grant, the largest state grant, to install and build these charging stations.”
The Town Board then voted in favor of the legislation.
—Information provided by the Town of Oyster Bay


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