Jericho Water District Treatment Center Construction Update


By Peter F. Logan, Superintendent of the Jericho Water District

On Dec. 18, 2020, the Jericho Water District opened bids for the construction of its new packed tower air stripper (PTAS). Subsequently, on March 4, 2021, the notice to proceed was issued to all three contractors, with a projected completion date of March 14, 2022.
As previously reported, due to supply chain issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the electrical components needed for the operation of the PTAS were substantially delayed. Working with the district and the engineers, the electrical contractor was able to work around some of the missing components and get PTAS up and running.
After a site inspection by the Nassau County Dept. of Health (NCDOH) in mid-May, the district received approval to operate the wells into the distribution system.
On May 12 and May 14, Wells 6 and 16, respectively, were finally returned to service.
This was the first time since June of 2019 that both wells were in operation. While it has been very important to get both of these critical wells back into service, it is equally important for all district residents to abide by the irrigation regulations.
Please visit the district’s website at and click on the “new sprinkling regulations” link on the home page. By following the simple plan, as well as some of the other water conservation tips listed, it should help curtail peak demand in the early morning hours, which in turn will allow for enough water for every resident.
—Submitted by the Village of Brookville’s newsletter, The Voice of the Village


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