Jericho, Syosset School District Budgets Pass


Jericho Union Free School District Budget Passes
Proposition #1 (Budget balanced at approximately $135 million)
-Yes: 1277
-No: 326

Proposition #2 (Expenditure from the Capital Reserve Fund known as the Facilities Improvement Program towards projects such as district-wide bathroom upgrades; district-wide window replacements; music classroom reconstruction, etc.)
-Yes: 1324
-No: 300

Board of Education Seats (Two elected)
-Divya Balachandar: 1084*
-Jill Citron: 1074*
-John Sarraf: 707
—Submitted by the Jericho Union Free School District


Syosset Central School District 2023-2024 Budget Passes

Thank you to all of the residents who participated in the 2023-24 Syosset Central School District budget vote and trustee election.
Voters approved the proposed budget, balanced at approximately $275 million, 1,060 to 549. With this support, the District will preserve exceptional academic and co-curricular opportunities for students while remaining under the tax cap.
In the Board of Education election, four candidates ran for three seats in an at-large election. Sitting trustees Carol Cheng, Susan Falkove, and Anna Levitan were re-elected.
The final vote totals are as follows (listed by ballot position): Anna Levitan – 1,114, Carol C. Cheng – 1,254, Susan Falkove – 1,125, and Jeevan George – 348.
Again, thank you to all who voted and for your ongoing commitment to Syosset schools.
—Submitted by the Syosset Central School District



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