Pastor Sheridan Of Faith Lutheran Church In Syosset Leads Town Prayer


By Jennifer Corr

Rev. Rebecca Sheridan of Faith Lutheran Church and School in Syosset on March 7 led the prayer that kicks off each Oyster Bay Town Board meeting.
“Since we changed to our new administration six years ago in January of 2017, we made a big difference in the way we begin our meetings,” said Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino. “When we came here our new administration and our board made the decision that we will start every meeting with prayer and for the young people in the room, you may learn the separation of church and state… That has a different connotation, but in terms in starting meetings with prayer where I served, and where Councilman [Steve] Labriola served in the New York State Assembly, as well as the New York State Senate, all meetings are started with prayer. So we felt that it is appropriate.”
The prayer is not of a specific religion, as it’s for everyone.
“We also ask a religious leader from the community ecumenically, which means from every religion, to have a turn coming to our Town Board meeting this way we get to know all our churches and synagogues and temples and all the different religious groups and we learn more about one another’s cultures,” Saladino said.
Rev. Sheridan was called up to the podium to lead her prayer.
Saladino brought up after the prayer that March is Women’s History Month, making it a great time to point out the accomplishments of women who live in the Town of Oyster Bay.
“Pastor Sheridan grew up in Nebraska in the Lutheran church,” Saladino said. “She received a Bachelor’s degree in English and secondary education from Augusta University… She earned a Master’s degree in divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago where she met her husband. She moved to the East Coast to be closer to their family and they’re both raising their family here in Syosset where they live with their two daughters. This has been a true blessing for the Faith Lutheran Church and School. The pastor has answered the call of ministry and has truly made a difference in the lives of many in our community.”
Saladino expressed his gratitude towards Rev. Sheridan, especially with March being Women’s History Month.
“But as I am reminded by my new wife, every month should be the month that we recognize the accomplishments of women,” Saladino said.

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