Lavine To Garbarino: ‘Thanks But No Thanks’


Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine (D-North Shore, LI) responds to an email from Congressman Andrew Garbarino with the following statement:
“At a hastily called press event on Jan. 11, a lengthy parade of Nassau County Republicans took the extraordinarily courageous step of calling on their colleague George Santos to resign. They suggested that he was not welcome at either their headquarters or at their events. They indicated that their other Congressional Representatives would take it upon themselves to provide representation to the people of the Third Congressional District, the people Santos was elected to represent.
On Jan. 18, I received an email from Congressman Andrew Garbarino, representing New York’s Second District in Suffolk County, advising that I was one of his ‘new constituents,’ and urging that I could rely on his office’s resources.
Along with everyone else in Northern Nassau and Northern Queens, I live in Santos’ Third Congressional District. I am not a constituent of Congressman Garbarino’s Suffolk District.
In response, I emailed my old friend Andy Garbarino as follows: ‘While I appreciate you reaching out, you are not my Congressional representative and I am not your ‘new constituent.’ George Santos, with whom and for whom you campaigned, is my Congressional representative. That fact is truly shameful. Thanks again and wishing you well.’
So, to Congressman Garbarino, with whom I worked in the New York State Assembly before he was elected to the House of Representatives, I simply say, ‘Thanks but no thanks.’
For better or worse, Santos is our Congressman and I expect him, perhaps unrealistically, to make some effort to try to live up to his responsibilities.
I am not inclined to reach out to the same Republican politicians who offer assistance but are simply attempting to shield themselves from criticism. As the old saying goes, ‘Once bitten, twice shy.’
Should Santos be unresponsive to any requests I may have for assistance to the people I represent, I will reach out to either Senators Schumer or Gillibrand, or to any number of Democratic Congressional representatives.”
Charles Lavine represents the 13th Assembly District, which consists of portions of northeastern Nassau County. He serves as Chair of the Judiciary Committee and is a member of the Committees on Codes, Ethics and Guidance, Rules and Insurance.
—Submitted by the Office of Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine


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