Indo-Fusion Restaurant Opens In Syosset’s Downtown


By Jennifer Corr

Spice Hub in Syosset, a new Indo-fusion restaurant that offers various rice bowls, kebabs, naan and much more, celebrated its grand opening on Jan. 21.
Located at 35 Jackson Ave. in Syosset, it’s conveniently located near the Syosset Train Station, and offers a fresh and quick (depending on what one orders) meal that can be enjoyed at one of the tables in the restaurant or taken to go.
The restaurant was founded by Raj Sahni in partnership with his wife Kawal Sahni and son, Taram Singh.

Mother and son; Kawal Sahni and Taram Singh are owners of Spice Hub, along with Raj Sahni, not pictured.

“He decided one day that he wanted to switch up businesses, we have Verizon stores,” Singh said. “So he decided that he wanted to get into a restaurant, and the one thing he always wanted was something really fresh.”
The family wanted to provide food that they’d enjoy themselves, with quality they’d expect from their food.
And Spice Hub is bringing a new flavor to town, as there is no other Indian restaurant in Syosset (at least what could be found on Google Maps.)
“Not only was there nothing here in terms of Indian food, we felt like Syosset was the perfect town for us to start off,” Singh said. “[The ribbon cutting] was amazing. We had a great response from the town and we had a couple politicians come as well, which was such an honor for us… It had a lot to say about Syosset itself because they want to support local businesses. It confirmed to us that we made the right choice by coming to Syosset.”
So what can one expect when visiting Syosset?
Spice Hub, Singh explained, is open concept, with the kitchen surrounded by glass so customers can see the process of their food being made. Spice Hub offers rice bowl specials that can be ready in minutes and customized to their flavor; with a choice between white or brown rice, protein (including a vegetarian option; paneer, which is a non-melting cheese made from full fat milk) and a curry.

Inside the kitchen.

“When we have our specialty, which is our Tandoori items; all the proteins that go into the oven, those vary, depending on the protein, take 15 to 18 minutes,” Singh said. “We don’t have a single freezer in our kitchen. Everything is refrigerated and we just marinate our meats and everything is used up the next day. That’s why we kept everything open glass, because we want to make sure we keep our standards.”
Spice Hub is also open to dietary needs, as there are two fryers, one just for vegetarian foods and foods, and the other dedicated to the meats.

Note from the editor:
When I stopped by to check out the restaurant, I was graciously provided with some food and drinks to try; a fresh drink made with lychee and yogurt, a vegetable samosa and a paneer tikka masala rice bowl. I got to watch the rice bowl be made and learn about all the food I was about to try, and it was all absolutely delicious.


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