A Hotel For The Dogs: K9 Resorts opens new location in Syosset


By Madison Kane

On Saturday, Jan. 16, a new branch of K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel opened up in Syosset. The nearly freezing temperatures and light layer of snow did not stop the excited crew of K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel from cutting the ribbon with, of course, large scissors.

K9 Resorts is now open in Syosset. (Photos by Madison Kane)

The opening ceremony began in front of the building, displaying their gold and navy balloon arch. Co-founders Steven and Jason Parker introduced themselves then passed it on to Glenn Vogelmann, the franchise owner. Vogelmann expressed his gratitude and excitement towards the Luxury Pet Hotel. He said, “We’re so happy to be here opening the second of many K9 resorts, truly giving your pets here on Long Island a second home. My wife and kids are lifelong dog lovers, and when we decided we wanted to open our own business, K9 Resorts was the perfect fit for us. With best in class accommodations, world class service and staff, we’re ready to officially kick off this grand opening and welcome you to tour our resort.”
Nassau County Legislator Arnie Drucker, was also in attendance and had the opportunity to say a few words as well. Legislator Drucker congratulated Vogelmann and acknowledged the franchise owner’s countless amount of support. Drucker said, “I just want to congratulate you. This really blows my mind, and your family has been right behind you every step of the way and your partners and investors. It really shows you someone who really understands what the community needs.”
Drucker jested, “It really brings new meaning to when my wife says ‘you’re in the doghouse,’ because I’ll be happy to come to this dog house any time of the year.”
Once the Nassau County Legislator finished his brief speech, the ribbon was cut, and tours were available to anyone in attendance. The tour was led by Christina Rubino, the General Manager of K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel in Syosset.

The luxury suite.

The first stop on the tour was at the Luxury Suite, the highest level of accommodation. This suite includes a 9’ by 9’ of cage-free space, privacy doors and sound resistant environment, a Kuranda dog bed, DogTV, and hospital grade antimicrobial floors. Rubino said, “You’ll notice that everything in this room is beautiful but also functional. So every single tile in this facility is completely nonporous, antimicrobial, so every time you come into this facility, it’s going to smell fresh and clean, and in the rooms we have epoxy, which is going to also be antimicrobial, will not absorb anything, everything is very clean, very sanitary.”

Traditional cage boarding.

Next on the tour were the Executive rooms; each with 5’ by 7’ of cage free space, top-of-the-line enclosures, glass privacy doors and a sound resistant environment, alongside hospital grade antimicrobial floors. “These are extremely comfortable for the dogs. You can fit up to three dogs again in these. You have a hammock style bed in every single room so evenly distributes the weight for every single dog. Regardless of how much they weigh. They’ll be equally comfortable, very comfortable rooms,” Rubino added.
Following the Executive rooms was Traditional Cage Boarding. The cages have top-of-the-line Snyder enclosures, and are ideal for young puppies and dogs participating in day care. They’re available in two sizes. Standard Compartment for dogs weighing up to 40 pounds, and Double Compartment for dogs weighing up to 100 pounds.

The outdoor play courtyard.

After the room tours were done, there was a tour of the bathing station, feeding station, as well as the play area. “We’ll generally have one to two people depending on how many dogs we have… The dogs are never going to be left alone in the room but if it gets crowded we can have two or up to three,” General Manager Rubino said in regards to how many people will be watching the dogs in the playroom.

Dog TV will entertain the guests at K9 Resorts.

Right outside of the playroom is an outdoor play courtyard with artificial grass turf, built in antimicrobial agents, extra high security fencing, as well as equipment that is cleaned and disinfected daily. There are two courtyards; one for small dogs and one for larger dogs.
The tour concluded with lunch and refreshments in the large dog playroom that was nicely decorated. Employees offered grand opening special pricing to those who would like to have their dog stay at K9 Resorts.
Life at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel is not so ruff, and will hopefully continue to thrive following the great opening last weekend.
—Madison Kane is a sophomore at Jericho High School


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