Jericho Theater Program Chosen As First, Only High School To Perform Broadway’s Frozen


The students and advisors of the Jericho Theater Production Organization worked together to craft their vision for a production of Frozen and were chosen to be the first and only high school in New York State to perform the full Broadway/Tour version of Frozen the Musical, from March 9 to 12, thanks to The United States of Frozen: Love Is an Open Door contest, sponsored by Music Theater International, Educational Theater Association and Disney Theatrical Group.
Theater at Jericho High School encourages its students to imagine, create and discover their potential as artists. As a community, they are proud to provide invaluable, live theater educational experiences for its students and quality entertainment for the community.
Jericho Theater champions inclusivity and has become a haven for people struggling to find their place, while bringing together members of the entire high school to put on the best possible show. Participation in theater requires discipline, pride and respect for others while providing students with many opportunities for growth as performers, technicians, and lifelong learners.
Jericho is flattered and fortunate to represent high school thespians throughout New York.
—Submitted by Theone Rinaudo


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