Cleanup Action Completed At Brownfield Site


Action has been completed to address the contamination related to the Syosset Park Lots 251 and 252 site (“site”) located at 305 Robins Lane, Syosset, Nassau County, under New York State’s Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP).
Cleanup activities were performed by Syosset Park Development, LLC (“applicant”) with oversight provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The applicant has submitted a draft Final Engineering Report (FER) for NYSDEC review which states that cleanup requirements have been or will be achieved to fully protect public health and the environment for the proposed site use.
Highlights of the Site Cleanup: The following activities have been or will shortly be completed to achieve the remedial action objectives.
Site Cover System – The new development will maintain a site cover, which consists of the structures (buildings, pavement, sidewalks) comprising the site development and a one-foot clean soil cover in landscaped areas. The soil cover will be placed over a demarcation layer, with the upper six inches of the soil of sufficient quality to maintain a vegetation layer.
Development of a Site Management Plan (SMP) for long-term management of residual contamination as required by the Environmental Easement, including plans for: Institutional and Engineering Controls; monitoring; operation and maintenance; and reporting.
An Environmental Easement was recorded to prevent future exposure to any contamination remaining at the site and to ensure implementation of the SMP.
Next Steps: When NYSDEC approves the FER, it will be made available to the public. NYSDEC then will issue a Certificate of Completion (COC) that will be announced in a fact sheet. In addition, the applicant will be eligible for tax credits to offset a portion of the costs of performing cleanup activities and for redevelopment of the site.
Site Description: The 39-acre Syosset Park Lots 251 and 252 site is located at 305 Robbins Lane on the northeast corner of the intersection of Miller Place (Long
Island Expressway North Service Road) and Robbins Lane. The site has been recently developed into a large warehouse surrounded by paved and landscaped areas.
The site is currently zoned light industrial and has been remediated to the commercial soil cleanup objective standards.
Additional site details, including environmental and health assessment summaries, are available on NYSDEC’s Environmental Site Remediation Database (by entering the site ID, C13002) at
—Submitted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


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