Town Clerk LaMarca Offers Residents Free ‘Do Not Knock’ Stickers


Oyster Bay Town Clerk Richard LaMarca announced that residents who wish to deter any potential door-to-door solicitors and peddlers can obtain a free, waterproof, vinyl ‘No Soliciting’ sticker through the Town Clerk’s Office.
Town Clerk LaMarca stated, “Now more than ever, our Town residents wish to remain unbothered at home by the potential nuisance of door-to-door peddlers. My office offers free ‘No Soliciting’ stickers to homeowners as a way to set clear boundaries with anyone approaching your home looking to do unwanted business. Contact us today for a free sticker.”
Town Clerk LaMarca further cautioned residents to remember a few simple guidelines to help avoid any potential pitfalls of being taken in by a fast-talking peddler or solicitor. Residents are advised to check for a current Town-issued photo identification badge prior to doing any business with a door-to-door peddler. Photo ID issued by the Town Clerk’s Office is a good form of protection because it is issued only after an in-depth background check of the individual has been made and full disclosure of the nature of their business is provided.
While nonprofit organizations are not required by law to have permits, Town Clerk LaMarca has urged these organizations to inform his office about when and where their members will be soliciting, with the information then forwarded to the local police precinct, along with the solicitor’s names. This provides residents with another way of checking any official status a solicitor may have. To obtain a free, waterproof, vinyl ‘No Soliciting’ sticker, please call 516-624-6333, and visit the for further information on services offered by the Oyster Bay Town Clerk.
—Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay


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