Jericho Public Library Announces Summer Top Readers


“Take a look at our top readers,” the Jericho Public Library posted on Facebook. “Incredible!”
According to the American Library Association, the benefits of summer reading include encouragement for reading as a lifelong habit, increased interest in reading activities among reluctant readers, maintaining skills during the summer and increased interest in the library and books.
“And it being summer, the program can just be good fun and provide an opportunity for family time,” wrote the American Library Association.
All members of the Jericho Public Library, from preschoolers to adults, were able to log their reading time on the Jericho Public Library website under the “Ocean of Possibilities 2022 Summer Reading” tab.
The top readers among students from grades first to sixth were Shivaani R. with 10,400 minutes, Askini P. with 9,694 minutes and JG K. with 7,700 minutes.
The top readers among preschoolers were Violet N. with 1,000 minutes, Evelyn W. with 395 minutes and Naomi W. with 292 minutes.

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