Congratulations to the H.B. Thompson Class Of 2022


On June 21, H.B. Thompson eighthgrade students officially became Syosset High School students during a moving up ceremony held at the Syosset track and field.To kick off the ceremony, H.B. Thompson student Julia Galfunt introduced a recorded performance of the Star Spangled Banner by the HBT Chamber Winds, and student Shri Sughan Sriganesh lead the crowd in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Later in the ceremony, the audience also enjoyed a recorded performance by the 8th Grade Chorus.
In his address to the students, Board of Education Trustee Brian Grieco advised them to be original and insightful as they prepare for the future. “Middle school is such an important 3 years and the experience you have can build on your character,” he told the students. “I hope you appreciate what you’ve achieved and how strong you are.”

A student shares her favorite experience at HB Thompson.

In a touching moment during the ceremony, 10 students came up to the podium to share their favorite experiences from HBT, including making new friends, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the fun eighth-grade events leading up to the end of their time in the middle school.
Students received their certificates from HBT Administrators and faculty members in front of the audience of proud friends and family members.

HB Thompson students during the ceremony.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, certificates in hand and proud smiles illuminating their faces, the newly minted Syosset High School freshmen exited the ceremony while a recorded performance of “Pomp and Circumstance” by the HBT Chamber Orchestra played in the background.
—Submitted by Syosset Central School District


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