Town Of Oyster Bay Bestows Accolades To Local Youth


By Jennifer Corr

At the June 28 Town of Oyster Bay Board Meeting, the Town Board distributed awards to young members of the community, including students from Locust Valley and Syosset schools.
“Folks we have some very special presentations to give out,” Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino said.
The town board started with recognizing the fifth-grade winners of a poster contest that stemmed from last month’s Bike Safety Awareness month. Saladino said the town board has received dozens of entries from students across the town who used their artistic skills to promote bike safety. And while making a poster may be fun, the subject is very serious and important as bike accidents can result in injury, or even death, Saladino added.
“These wonderful students took on leadership and taught the other students,” Saladino said. “They did such a great job with this endeavor.”
Allison Lee of Syosset, Elisa Tan of Locust Valley and Veer Jaggi of Hicksville were the winners.

Activist, writer and model Sabrina Guo, a rising senior at Syosset High School, received a citation at the June 28 Town of Oyster Bay Board meeting.

The town board then moved to honor Sabrino Guo of Oyster Bay Cove, who will be a senior at Syosset High School this fall.
“Sabrina is the CEO and founder of Girl Pride International,” Saladino said. “Girl Pride International is a global girls empowerment organization which serves disadvantaged girls with access to resources like an education, access to scholarships, mentoring and counseling, ambassadorships, workshops and other forms of empowerment which is obviously very, very important. Sabrina’s writing, activism and humanitarian journey has been profiled by media nationwide and recognized by the White House.”
Guo is also an award-winning journalist, poet and a model.
“Sabrina you are an incredible person and we are in awe of your amazing legacy and accomplishments,” Saladino said. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and how your talents will be making a difference for us, the residents of the Town of Oyster Bay.”


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