Choreo Is Back


By Jessy Siegmann, Alex Damast and Sarah Cohon

After a long three years, Choreo is finally back. Jericho High School’s dancers have been without an audience due to the pandemic, and now they were able to dance in front of their families and friends who attended the troupe’s recitals on June 2 and 3.

In the days approaching Choreo, dancers and teachers are experiencing a series of emotions, especially the seniors, considering this would be their first “normal” Choreo since freshman year. For a lot of students, dance class is a time to unwind and take a break from academic stresses. Senior and choreographer Yana G. said, “It really feels like a reward to really be back.”

Jericho High School dance teacher and Choreo advisor Jenna Corbett has led Choreo for 11 years. After not having Choreo due to the pandemic, Corbett appreciates her program even more. She said, “When Choreo was canceled it was devastating, and it really made me think about how much I enjoyed the culminating event and seeing all the work throughout the year come together on stage in front of a live audience.”

Performers have held bake sales in order to fund the costly event. Corbett said, “This year we needed to fundraise more than ever due to not having a show last year. All of the money raised helped us buy new costumes to add to the atmosphere.”

The Jericho dance program remains an important feature for Jericho dancers especially those who have had their out of school dance programs impacted by COVID-19. Senior and choreographer Sydney S. said, “A lot of other dance programs out of school are canceled and we always have this constant at Jericho, and it is a very good program that has very dedicated people.”

Choreo is a family tradition. Freshman dancer Ryan F. has had two sisters who were part of the program. She has been attending the shows for years. Ryan said, “I was always so jealous of them and went to every show. I was waiting for my turn, and now I am super excited to be a part of Choreo.”

Social studies teacher and Choreo assistant advisor Alyssa Lionetti has been working very hard along with Corbett these past weeks to prepare for Choreo. This is Lionetti’s first year of the Choreo program and she is very excited. She said, “Everyone is able to express themselves in different styles and be able to have fun with it, that’s like the main part of the show.”

The advisors, choreographers, and dancers all worked hard to make the return of this event extra special.

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