The Votes Are In


On May 17, residents across Long Island headed to their local schools to vote on district budgets and Board of Education elections that will have an overall impact on the upcoming school year, as well as many years to come.

Jericho School District
On the Jericho School District ballot, there were three propositions, plus the chance to vote for one out of four Board of Education trustee candidates.

Residents voted in favor of the approximately $130.1 million budget that represents a 1.95 percent tax levy with 1,321 “yes” and 302 “no” votes.

Proposition #2 authorized the Board of Education to spend an amount not exceeding approximately $9.7 million from the Capital Reserve Fund established in the spring of 2019 for the purpose of completing capital improvements. Some of the projects include air-handling and ventilation upgrades; gymnasium folding partition replacements; rooftop HVAC equipment replacement; ceiling and light upgrades; window replacement at the high school; middle school lower level reconstruction, including courtyard installation; tennis court resurfacing/replacement; Dam Springer gym floor and bleacher replacement; roof replacement for portions of the high school and middle school building energy management systems upgrades; asphalt and paving upgrades; and security upgrades.

Proposition #3 authorized the Board of Education to create an additional capital reserve, not to exceed $20 million, which would be funded over the next several years and provide funding for future capital projects.

Proposition #2 received 1,392 “yes” votes and 279 “no” votes. Proposition #3 received 1,354 “yes” votes and 314 “no votes.”

Chris Foresto was elected to fill the vacant trustee seat with 879 votes. Candidates John Sarraf, with 630 votes, Joe Lin, with 255 votes, and Robert Wozinak, with 73 votes, did not receive enough votes to be elected.

Syosset Central School District
On the Syosset Central School District ballot was the 2022 through 2023 budget and a Board of Education trustee election.

The $257.8 million budget with a 2.36 percent tax levy was approved by voters with 1,651 “yes” votes and 898 “no” votes.

“With this support, the district will continue to provide an exceptional academic and co-curricular program, maintain a safe and healthy learning environment and support student social/emotional health, while also addressing the needs of the facilities throughout the district,” the Syosset Central School District announced the night of May 17.

Out of the six candidates running for the Board of Education trustee seats, Thomas A Rotolo was elected with 1,428 votes, Lynn Abramson was elected with 1,1018 votes and Jack Ostrick was elected with 1,256. As for the other candidates; Court Cousins received 1,018 votes, Jason Guo received 872 votes and Steven Ricco received 707 votes.


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