Nassau County Legislature Honors Regeneron Finalists


The Nassau County Legislature honored Nassau County’s Regeneron finalists. Five Nassau County high school seniors were among the 40 finalists chosen in the Regeneron Science Talent

From left to right: Legislator Bill Gaylor; Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello; Legislator Laura Schaefer; Legislator Steve Rhoads; Barbi Frank, Teacher at John F. Kennedy High School; Shannon Su, Runner up, John F. Kennedy High School; Christopher Luisi, Finalist, John F. Kennedy High School; Desiree Rigaud, Finalist, John F. Kennedy High School; Legislator Rose Marie Walker; Legislator Arnold Drucker; Legislator Debra Mulé. (Photo courtesy of the Nassau County Legislator Office)

Search 2022 competition, and many more were among the runner ups. The finalists were chosen based on their projects’ scientific rigor and their potential to become world-changing scientists and leaders. The pool of entrants was over 1,800 highly qualified students, all of whom completed an original research project and extensive application process.

“This award not only reflects upon these great students, who accomplished this prestigious feat, but also the quality education provided by our schools and teachers,” Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello said. “These students have demonstrated their leadership and commitment to STEM innovation through their projects which ranged from eye cancer, DNA-protein interactions, voting habits, dietary restrictions effect on life span, and COVID-19-induced stress. Congratulations to all the finalists and runners up.”

Nassau County Finalists:

Ethan Chiu—Syosset High School

Project Title: “Developing a self-formed ectodermal autonomous multi-zone organoid model using human stem cells to examine the effect of doxycycline treatment on uveal melanoma”

Rohan Ghotra—Syosset High School

Project Title: “Uncovering Motif Interactions from Convolutional Attention Networks for Regulatory Genomics”

Desiree Rigaud—John F. Kennedy High School

Project Title: “COVID-19 Induced Economic Stress: The Effect on Marital Functioning and Methods of Alleviating Financial Stress”

Christopher Luisi—John F. Kennedy High School

Project Title: “How Dietary Restriction Affects the Athleticism, Metabolic Rate, and Lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster”

Hailee Youn—Roslyn High School

Project Title: ‘Why We Vote: How Positive Descriptive Norms and Holding a Minority Political Viewpoint Increase Citizens’ Intention and Responsibility to Vote”

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