Syosset BOE Meeting Recognizes Athletic Accomplishments



The Syosset Central School District Board of Education (BOE) held a meeting on Monday, April 11 at South Woods Middle School, 99 Pell Ln.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the South Woods Student Council Representatives were excited to share the following news.

The Syosset BOE meeting was held in the South Woods Middle School auditorium. (Photo by Kevin Michalski)

Student members involved in South Wood’s Coding Club have been actively working on coding challenges on a weekly basis. The members in the Coding Club competed in kidOYO’s coding competition. The team name for the competition was SOURCE CODE and they successfully won first place.

Science Fair Club members have been working diligently throughout the year in preparation for their scientific presentations. The students wrote and submitted five-page research papers and a Flipgrid video to the Long Island Math Fair competition.

The Science Olympiad Teams competed on March 12 in the New York State Regional Competition and took home the sixth place trophy. The teams won 23 medals.

They headed to the New York State Competition in East Syracuse on April 8, where they competed successfully.

The Drama Club cast members have been dedicated to preparing for their Into The Woods Junior performances on Friday, April 29 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 30 at noon. The performances will be taking place live and in person at the South Woods Middle School auditorium.

Sixth-grade peer leaders met Syosset High School’s Dog Rescue Club to learn about Ruff House Rescue, and are planning a bingo fundraiser and a towel drive to benefit local animal shelters.

A member of the Games Club placed second out of nearly 300 competitors in the middle school Esports Chess Tournament.

Members of the Art Club have been working towards the New York Art Teachers Associations Competition, which will be hosted virtually next month. The students are busy working in the drawing category as a group.

Lastly, the Student Council has been collecting essential items and packing backpacks for the Brooke Jackman Foundation to help Ukrainian refugees. Additionally, the Student Council is planning their annual talent show, South Wood’s Got Talent. See their talented students at South Woods Middle School on June 1.

The Syosset sports teams were recognized for their accomplishments during the winter season.

“We had a great winter,” Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation Director Drew Cronin said.

“Not going to say it wasn’t up and down with the COVID situation, but I tell you, the district really made it work.” The boys varsity basketball team were recognized that night for their outstanding season.

“It was truly an honor to coach the boys varsity basketball team this year,” coach Gregory Cardona said. “This was the team that has finished the regular season 19-0, which was the only team to finish in the boys basketball program in school history, undefeated. I credit that to our leadership, and the three gentlemen standing up here demonstrated leadership. They were not only our captains, but three of them were named all county.”

Those named were Jason Lebson, Matt Lindenman and Andrew Zhou.

In addition, Cardona was voted Conference Coach of the Year.

The girls varsity basketball team were also congratulated at the meeting.

Head coach Michael Ferreira was unable to attend, but Cronin shared the following brief statement written by Ferreira.

“The team had a lot to be proud of, finishing 19 and three overall and extending their undefeated streak in conference to 47 wins over five seasons, ultimately earning their fourth straight conference Championship. They continued their success in the playoffs, defeating East Meadow and Massapequa with eventual loss in Nassau County finals. An overall successful season and best of luck to all of you, the members of that team that were All-County recipients, Sofia Cummo, Carly Greenbaum, Lilah Grubman, Melanie Lowe, and Jillian Oresky.”

The boys and girls fencing program had many accomplishments this year. The team had one seventh place, four fifth places, four third places, 1 second place, and three first places. Two of them were Lawrence Zeltser, who is an 11th-grader, and Esha Nayak, who is an 8th-grader.

The gymnastics team this year has been ranked second in the entire New York State.

The varsity kickline team won the first ever National Championship title.

The boys and girls swimming team were also honored for their accomplishments, hard work and dedication.

Other athletic teams recognized for their achievements were the boys and girls winter track team and the wrestling team.


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