Rock Can Rollin’ Towards Relief


During this pandemic when food insecurity is an important issue, Rock Can Roll, an organization that works to combat food insecurity, is continuing to provide necessities to those in need. Students and community members alike are coming together to help support this thoughtful cause.

Rock Can Roll currently partners with a number of religious organizations, schools, clubs, concerts, and other gatherings to collect food and other household necessities. However, the organization has greatly expanded since its humble beginnings.

Aimee Holtzman, the founder of Rock Can Roll, started the organization as a way to help those on Long Island experiencing food insecurity, but it has grown into something much bigger. Combining her passion for rock music and helping the community, Aimee created Rock Can Roll.

“I thought how great it would be to have rock concerts and people bringing and doing and making a difference while having fun helping others who really need it,” Holtzman said. “And from there, Rock Can Roll was born.” The organization now works to help those nationwide and has even been promoted by music artists such as James Taylor and Maroon 5.

Rock Can Roll has adjusted well to the pandemic. For example, Temple Beth Torah has conducted contact-free food drives this year to benefit the organization.

Over the years, the organization has garnered many loyal volunteers. Joyce Komson has dedicated many hours volunteering for Rock Can Roll through various food drives hosted by Temple Beth Torah. Joyce and her family have been involved in these drives for years and are always willing to help whenever it’s needed. She has worked and volunteered closely with Holtzman on numerous occasions.

“While doing the food drives with Aimee, I see her passion and how driven she is. I think that’s very inspiring for all of the children and the adults to see,” Komson said.

The non-profit has also been supported by dedicated students. Jericho alumna, Lindsey K, who learned about Rock Can Roll through her synagogue, has supported the organization for years, often volunteering at Sandwich Sunday events to package and deliver meals.

“I’ve been involved with Rock Can Roll pretty much since the fourth grade, when we started doing Sandwich Sundays at the Jericho Jewish Center,” Lindsey said. “I love Rock Can Roll, and I will do any event with them that they will allow me to.”

This year, Jericho’s Souperheroes Club conducted a food drive to collect goods for Rock Can Roll. The food drive was extremely successful and the club hopes to do more in the future to benefit the organization. The club’s advisor, Ms. Rodriguez, is looking forward to continuing a partnership with Rock Can Roll.

“I think it’s a great way to bridge school and the community and to get people to learn about different groups that may be in need,” she said.

Many volunteers for the cause strongly encourage others to participate in events for Rock Can Roll. “I think everyone should take advantage of every opportunity that they have to get involved with this organization because it’s so much fun and you’re giving back to people who need it and it’s just a really fulfilling and rewarding experience,” Lindsey said.

Rock Can Roll has continued to thrive amidst a pandemic and service those in need thanks to generous donations, but more items are always needed. For more information on how to get involved or donate, go to

Sydney Lesnick is a senior Sports Section Editor for JerEcho, Jericho High School’s student publication. Reesa Lefkowicz is JerEcho’s JPOV editor.

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