Syosset Teacher Brings Dancing To Underprivileged Kids

This Is My S.W.A.G. Foundation founder Kershel Anthony (center) will host a socially distanced Dance-A-Thon at Adventureland on Oct. 17 for underprivileged kids. (Photo courtesy of This Is My S.W.A.G. Foundation)

This Is My S.W.A.G. Foundation founder Kershel Anthony is doing something special amid the coronavirus pandemic. His passion for fitness and dancing is culminating with KerboomKidz Fitness and the nonprofit.

Anthony, who is from Levittown and is a dance teacher and choreographer at the Long Island High School For The Arts in Syosset, found his calling. His two organizations go hand-in-hand as they provide a unique experience to children across Long Island, with a focus on school districts that are underfunded. The fitness program enhances physical education in schools with a lack thereof due to budget cuts.

The foundation will be hosting a socially distanced live Dance-A-Thon at Adventureland on Saturday, Oct. 17, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. But this is not your average Dance-A-Thon. The program will be available in person, and people can also remote in, teaching kids the importance of staying active while also obeying social distance mandates across the island.

“Our programs are usually running everyday at schools throughout the year,” Anthony said. “But since COVID-19, kids have not been able to be as physically active. I saw this among my students and have spoken with many parents who were and still are concerned about this issue. I really felt compelled to create an event that would allow them to be active while enhancing social emotional learning for kids in a safe social distanced setting.”

The event will promote National Childhood Obesity Month to teach children about staying physically active.

Anthony is also a fitness professor at Nassau Community College in Long Island. Since he was 5 years old, his love for dancing and staying active pushes him to inspire others.

“Through my dance program I have seen how a combination of childhood obesity and the pandemic has impacted kids, both physically and mentally,” he said. “Providing safe and healthy options for children to stay active is not only essential, but provides a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle as children transcend into adulthood.”

Parents interested in signing their kids up for this event can visit, where the fee will be used as a donation to continue spreading fitness education on Long Island. The event comes with a S.W.A.G Pack, featuring coloring pages that will eventually be distributed to the Northport VA Medical Center and Bristol Assisted Living. Canned food will also be distributed after the event to Long Island Cares and Chi Mooreland Community Housing.

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