Jim Gaughran Secures Two Major Grants

State Senator Jim Gaughran also secured a $50,000 grant for the Village of Muttontown Police Department. (Photo courtesy of the office of State Senator Jim Gaughran)

New York State Senator Jim Gaughran just secured a pair of grants that will support two key areas in the Town of Oyster Bay.

The senator, who is in his second year in office, secured a $250,000 grant for the City of Glen Cove, as well as $50,000 for the Sea Cliff Village Library.

“We send so much money as taxpayers to Albany in income tax and sales tax, and it’s my job to get that money back to get our fair share,” Gaughran said in an interview with Anton Media Group. “They need to go to projects that local governments have for their citizens.”

The grant designated for the City of Glen Cove will assist in the repair of the Morgan Memorial Park Seawall, which is the last line of defense to protect the city from coastal erosion and storm flooding. Ever since Superstorm Sandy, the seawall has been deteriorating.

“I went out with Mayor [Tim] Tenke, Legislator [Delia] DeRiggi-Whitton and other officials to this historical seawall that, if it’s not repaired quickly, could be lost forever,” Gaughran said. “That’s vitally important to the beautiful wall at a beautiful park. If the wall continues to deteriorate or come down, you’re going to lose a lot of beachfront and the wall is there to hold up a hill with trees and vegetation behind it.”

Tenke, who is the mayor of the City of Glen Cove, in a statement to Anton Media Group, explained that he is grateful for the $50,000 grant.

“Morgan Park is a treasure here in Glen Cove,” Tenke said. “Being that part of the park is along the waterfront, it does incur damage from heavy storms. We are grateful to Senator Jim Gaughran for securing us a grant, which will be used to repair the Morgan Park Seawall. Senator Gaughran has proven to be a true supporter of the residents of Glen Cove, not just through his words, but his actions. This park is utilized by many people, and being able to restore the Seawall will ensure many more years of enjoyment by the public.”

Residents from Glen Cove and Locust Valley often utilize Morgan Memorial Park for different activities, and the wall is meant to prevent flooding during hurricanes.

Prior to the pandemic, libraries across the island were struggling with funding. The $50,000 grant for the Sea Cliff Village Library will go to installing and furnishing a space specifically meant for teenagers. The space will be considered a safe haven for students who are stuck at home as part of remote learning initiatives.

“Libraries have transformed to be community centers,” Gaughran said.


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