Syosset Students Raise Funds For Island Harvest

(Photo by Sarah Elkady Elmoraly)

Six Syosset South Woods Middle School students organized and ran their own pandemic friendly lemonade stand on Monday, in front of the Syosset Post Office on Queens Street. They sold ice cold water, lemonade and unique Syosset branded masks in red and black. Their efforts are branded under the name “Lemon-aid” and run by them.

All of the proceeds are going to Island Harvest and their efforts to help families in need across the island during the pandemic.

Julia Elmoraly, a Syosset resident entering the seventh grade at South Woods Middle School this school year, was pioneering the efforts. “It has kind of been like a childhood dream to run a lemonade stand or yard sale,” Elmoraly said. “It felt good to be able to give someone a lemonade or water on a hot day and have the money go towards a good cause.”

Other participants were Penelope Smith, Saisha Puri, Madison Shum, Tiffany Wong, Riley Shafritz, and Julia’s siblings, Ryan Elmoraly and Noah Elmoraly.

The donations will go toward Island Harvest’s COVID-19 response and recovery program. Since the outbreak began, Island Harvest help put food on the table for the most vulnerable neighbors.


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