Town Honors Heroic Lifeguards For Reviving Heart Attach Victim From Syosset

(Photo courtesy of the Town of Oyster Bay)

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino joined with Councilman Lou Imbroto and Tax Receiver Jeffrey Pravato in reuniting heart attack victim Herb Molander of Syosset with heroic lifeguards at Syosset-Woodbury Community Pool. All told, 13 members of the Town’s Lifeguard team at Syosset-Woodbury Community Pool contributed to the lifesaving efforts that saved Herb Molander after he was spotted breaking from his normal stroke, beginning to struggle, and eventually rolling to his side in the water as he experienced a heart attack.

“Our community takes great pride in recognizing the amazing actions of heroic individuals such as the members of the Lifeguard team at Syosset-Woodbury Community Pool, who all displayed amazing heroism during a time of crisis,” said Supervisor Saladino. “The quick thinking and courageous actions by the lifeguard team, headed by Lifeguard Captain Kaitlin Bruckner and Lifeguard Lieutenant’s Ryan Harrison and Courtney Rupert no doubt saved the life of Herb Molader and had they not responded as decisively as they did, utilizing the amazing training provided to our Town Lifeguards, the outcome would surely have been tragically different. On behalf of the Town Board, we commend all of you for these lifesaving efforts.”

On the morning of July 27, Lifeguard Michael Iannucci was sitting on the stand and performing patron surveillance, scanning the waters for any potential issues, when he noticed Mr. Molander break from his normal swim stroke, and begin to struggle and roll to his side. Michael immediately sprang into action and blew three whistles, activating the Town Lifeguard’s Emergency Action Plan, and immediately dove into the water to rescue Mr. Molander and bring him to the side of the pool. As Michael brought Mr. Molander to the side of the pool, the rest of the Syosset-Woodbury Community Pool lifeguard team continued to make quick and decisive actions to save Mr. Molander’s life by responding with the backboard, medical kit, and AED.

Mr. Molander was removed from the water utilizing the backboard by Senior Lifeguard Lieutenant Ryan Harrison, Lifeguards Andres Martinez, Cecilia Nelson, and Liam Kalbacher, and Senior Lieutenant Ryan Harrison performed and assessment and determined that Mr. Molander was both unresponsive and without a pulse. Lifeguards immediately contacted the Syosset Fire Department and CPR was immediately administered, with Senior Lieutenant Harrison starting compressions, and Lifeguard David Kitograd providing ventilation. Unfortunately, at this point, none of the aid administered to Mr. Molander had any effect and Senior Lieutenant Harrison determined that the AED would need to be utilized to save Mr. Molander.

It was then that Lifeguard Cecilia Nelson prepped the AED and Senior Lieutenant Harrison applied the electrodes to Mr. Molander and shocked him one time with the AED. Ryan and Cecilia resumed compressions on Mr. Molander and he then began to spit up water multiple times and eventually began to breath. Lifeguard Captain Kaitlin Bruckner monitored Mr. Molander’s breathing, pulse, and level of consciousness from then on out until the Syosset Fire Department arrived and took Mr. Molander away to the hospital for additional observation.

Councilman Imbroto added, “I’m incredibly proud and grateful for the quick, decisive, and the skilled actions all of our Town lifeguards displayed as they sprang into action that day without a second thought. This lifeguard team is truly heroic for their lifesaving efforts.”

Tax Receiver Pravato added, “Our lifeguards receive top notch training and the dedication they demonstrate keeps our residents safe.  Without this training and dedication to the job, the outcome that day would have been much more tragic. I am honored to publicly commend all of our Town lifeguards for their amazing and courageous actions.”

-Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay


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