Jericho Breakfast Held To “Meet Your Neighbors”

East Birchwood (masked) neighbors meet at first breakfast get-together at Celebrity Diner.
(Photo by Bonnie Franco)

A “Meet Your Neighbors Breakfast,” designed to establish relationships between newcomers to East Birchwood with long-time residents, was held Aug. 14 at the Celebrity Diner.

Twelve residents attended, which breakfast organizers Elinor and George Haber said “was a great start to what we hope will be an ongoing activity to bring our neighbors closer together to forge a true sense of community.”
Jericho newcomers Drini and Alida Dema said when the moved to East Birchwood last year, they searched for a way to learn about the community and to connect with their neighbors.
“This meeting is a great way to meet neighbors and discuss issues of concern to us as Jericho residents,” Dema, a real estate agent, said.
Kenny Koo, a former merchant ship captain in Korea, said that he welcomed the opportunity to interact with neighbors he recognizes but has never spoken much with.
“I have lived here for more than thirty years,” he said, “but rarely speak with anyone who is not my immediate neighbor.”
Elinor Haber said the group hopes to meet once a month at the Celebrity Diner. The next meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 12. The meeting is open to all Jericho residents. Send an email confirming attendance by Sept. 9 to
-Submitted by George Haber
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