School Of Rock Prepares For Latest Expansion

(Photos courtesy of School of Rock)

Everybody relax. Jack Black is not heading this School of Rock.

The physical School of Rock, not like the one in the movie, brings children together to learn instruments, get to know one another outside of their daily routines and just have fun.

Now, School of Rock is coming to Syosset’s 180 Michael Dr., ready to educate those who want to learn more about rock ’n roll.

Their motto is to “teach kids on stage and in life,” and the School of Rock movie in 2003 did exactly that.

Monica Rubin, who owns the School of Rock locations in Rockville Centre and Huntington, has a gut feeling about the Syosset location. Given the area’s two prestigious school districts—the Jericho and Syosset school districts—she felt like it is the perfect spot for her third Long Island venue. And the impact this program can have on a child’s mental wellness is immense.

“There’s a huge interest for music in this area,” Rubin said. “I have kids that are bullied in school and kids who have never been invited to a birthday party. A lot of them might not fit in. In music, everyone shines. I had kids who didn’t feel like they fit in anywhere come into one of my schools and they’re suddenly the most popular kid.”

The opening of the Syosset location marks the organization’s sixth on Long Island. But of all the areas on Long Island, why Syosset?

“Syosset is such a great area, with so much art and culture,” Rubin said. “The area that we’re opening at is conducive for kids to go there and hang out. Since School of Rock is a clubhouse setting, it’s perfect to be near Bounce and the bowling alley.”

The Rockville Centre location opened in 2014 and the Huntington facility opened three years ago. Ever since the first one opened, Rubin knew she could inspire more kids to pick up instruments and make a difference in their lives.

Hiding behind the amplifier was something Rubin had never seen before until the Rockville Centre facility opened. That’s what happened when one girl was so frightened to perform in front of people that she felt most comfortable behind it. Within two years, she was crowd surfing.

Overall, there are about 250 School of Rock locations across the globe. And when Rubin gave up a previous career to do this, she knew it would be worth while.

“One thing I learned with having my son as a student at the School of Rock is that, in life, we’re always on the stage,” she said. “What I wanted to do with my program is make it a little different. I want to teach them how to be on stage.”

Among the programs School of Rock offers are lessons on how to play the guitar, base, drums, vocals, piano and more. They conduct private 45-minute sessions once a week, and they also do a group rehearsal together once a week.

Three times a year, there’s a full-blown rock concert at different venues on Long Island. And there’s even a year-long house band, which Rubin calls the “scholarship team.” This group of kids travel for a seven-day tour each year. In 2020, they’re off to Chicago to perform and live the life of young rock stars.

The School of Rock in Syosset will open is set to open in March. To sign up and for pricing, visit


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