Drucker Secures Grant To Complete Screetscape Project

Jackson Avenue is one of several areas in Syosset that will have a fresh look thanks to new funding that was just secured.

Downtown Syosset will look completely different within the next few years.
Though the area isn’t rundown, it is time for a bit of a refresher, according to Nassau County Legislator Arnold Drucker (D—Plainview), who represents parts of Syosset. After multiple years of attempting to secure funding for a renovation project, the money has finally been secured.

“We’re all trying to beautify and revitalize our downtowns,” Drucker said.

The Syosset streetscape and walkability enhancement project, as it is called, is receiving a $319,999 community revitalization project (CRP) grant. Additionally, County Executive Laura Curran announced she has committed an extra $350,000 in capital funding to push the project forward after years of uncertainty. The additional funding will complement $1,496,954 in federal and state grants that have already been allocated for the project.

Drucker checked his CRP account and knew this was the project he wanted to work on. However, the $319,999 would not be enough to get the job done. He had to ask the county for the rest of the money.

“I became aware of this through civic leaders and constituents in Syosset,” Drucker said. “The project had been pursued by the Town of Oyster Bay a while back. It was based on a grant they had from the federal government. The grant only had a certain amount of money allocated for a long time.”

But the town never did anything with the funding. The bid essentially exceeded the grant, and they needed contributions to do it.

“The project can go full steam ahead,” Drucker said.

There is no specific timeline because the Town of Oyster Bay needs to officially approve the project and the funding. The Syosset project was supposed to be voted on during a Dec. 10 meeting, but that never happened. The next town meeting is scheduled for the second week of January, where it is expected to be approved.

The Town of Oyster Bay approached Curran in a Jan. 23 letter, requesting for assistance with the streetscape project.

“The Jackson Avenue and downtown area will be beautified,” Drucker said. “They will be constructing concrete curb and pavement restorations. They’re going to construct colored and imprinted decorative crosswalks. There will be intersection improvements. The pedestrian curb ramps will be reconstructed so they are ADA [American Disabilities Act] compliant.”

There will be fresh decorative lighting, a gorgeous landscaping job, as well as a handful of other small enhancements that will add up to make Syosset look even better than it does at this time. The ADA compliance will specifically have an impact on the ramps along Jackson Avenue, which begins at Underhill Road and continues all the way to Cold Spring Harbor Road.

Among the areas that will be part of the streetscape project are the Nassau County-owned roadways of Jackson Avenue, East Woods Road, Berry Hill and Cold Spring Harbor Road.

There will also be improvements made to intersections throughout the area.

As part of the inter-municipal agreement, the Town of Oyster Bay will assume maintenance responsibilities for 10 Nassau County-owned recharge basins.

“It’s going to make it more appealing for people to come shop in Syosset,” Drucker said. “The local businesses depend on the traffic of people. It’s all about improving the economy. People will shop locally.”


  1. Whoa! Slow down, everybody! Maybe we need to think about getting the owners of the buildings along the shopping strip to do some housekeeping first. Repairing curbs and planting trees is awesome, but not if it all has to be ripped up when they finally decide to raze all the 1930’s buildings and replace them with storefronts that aren’t an embarrassment.

  2. reference your article about the revitalization of downtown Syosset. First and most important there is absolutely no parking available. 2. You must address the traffic going south over the train tacks onto Jackson Avenue. During peak hours it is nearly impossible to cross over the tracks. You can not have people making left hand turns into Dunkin Dounuts on the same lane that goes through. This causes all the traffic. You need a right turn lane onto Underhill, a through lane onto Jackson and a left hand turn lane into Dunkin Dounuts and LIRR parking lot. Just doing sidewalks and curbs without addressing above problem is a total waste of taxpayers money.

    Robert Reens

  3. I see the work has already begun. Thanks to all who made this happen, as ANY improvement to downtown Syosset is a welcomed one; however, I am really disappointed that the cigarette burns in the jacket and slacks weren’t addressed before we put on the shoes and socks.

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