Athlete Of The Week: Jordan Miller

Jericho High School senior Jordan Miller (center, in blue) dribbles around two defenders at a recent Jayhawks soccer match.
(Photo courtesy of Jordan Miller)

Two fall sports might be difficult to handle for many student-athletes. But Jericho High School senior Jordan Miller has it down to a science.

The varsity boys soccer star is also a captain on the school’s basketball team. Last year, Miller was named to the All-County soccer squad thanks to being a leader on the field, serving as an attacking midfielder. In basketball, he’s a point guard, and the skills he utilizes transfer to each sport.

Q What’s it been like to play for the Jericho Jayhawks?

A: It’s been very fun. We have some new pieces, and we’re putting things together. Once we got comfortable with each other, we’ve been pretty much unstoppable.

Q: What are your strengths on the field?

A: I’m pretty vocal. I’m very good on the ball. Passing is probably my greatest strength. It’s a lot of practice. I’ve been playing since I was 3 or 4 years old. I put a lot of time into it on my own, outside of practice, to strengthen these skills.

Q: What makes you want to invest so much into soccer?

A: I really just love it. I want to play at the highest level I possibly can, whether it be college, Division I, II or III. I’m not really sure what school I’ll go to.

Q What do you feel you’ve done well with on and off the field?

A On the field, I think I’m very vocal, sometimes a little too vocal. Off the field, I think I do a good job, leading by example and being the first one at practices.

Q: What do you do to prepare for a game?

A: To prepare for a game, I do the basic warm ups. I don’t like to change much. I like to keep the same ritual. We do team stretching, passing and shooting.

Q: What does it mean to you to be recognized as one of the top talents on Long Island?

A: It’s very humbling. It makes me feel very good about myself. Individual awards are only a bonus. Team success is really the main goal.

Q What have you learned from your coach’s team-based mentality?

A: It’s taught me to make the extra pass if your teammate can make a shot. We’ve probably totaled our goal total already this year compared to last.

Q: How do your skills translate from soccer to basketball?

A: In basketball, I’m mainly a defensive player. It’s mainly about quickness and my ability to run for long periods of time helps.


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