Athlete Of The Week: Cole Nevins

Cole Nevins prevents a goal from being scored at a recent Syosset Braves soccer match.
(Photo courtesy of the Syosset School District)

One day, Syosset High School’s Cole Nevins hopes to own a sports media business. For now, though, the sophomore is focused on being one of Nassau County’s top goalkeepers.

The Syosset boys varsity soccer player just joined the team this year, and is already the starting goalie. Thus far, he has more than 60 saves, ranking in the top-five within the county.

“Cole is a great addition to the program,” head coach Brett Waxer said. “His passion for the game is contagious. Cole is a high level keeper that has come up with some big time saves this year. We love adding character players to the program and Cole Nevins is just that.”

Nevins has been playing soccer since he was a toddler, kicking the ball around with his friends. But rather than focus on scoring, he realized where his true talent lies.

“I figured out I was a lot better with my hands than my feet,” Nevins said. “It progressed from there.”

Nevins joined a local club team in the fifth grade. Not only did he play soccer in Syosset, but he had stints with the Albertson Academy, the Metropolitan Oval club in Queens, as well as two years with the New York Cosmos academy.

But this is a year of firsts for Nevins, who didn’t join the varsity squad for the Braves until now. Almost immediately, he stood out as a leader.

“My leadership qualities are a huge key to my game,” he said. “It’s a unique way in which way I play. I take a lot of pride of going on the field and being a leader.”

The style of play, he said, is different. The pace of varsity soccer is much quicker, and the goal is to lead Syosset deep into the playoffs.

Nevins is still in awe that Waxer trusts him to be one of the Braves’ leaders in his first weeks with the team.

“To come in here in my first year and take on a leadership position on and off the field is special,” Nevins said. “I’ve taken advantage of it because it’s not often a coach allows a player to take control and lead the team.”

Off the field, Nevins has lofty goals. In 2012, who learned that he’s quite opinionated at such a young age, started a sports blog,

“I write about every sport, and it’s a passion that I’ve had since I was younger,” he said. “I take pride in sharing my opinions, and I always try to be right when arguing.”

The dream is to run a sports media outlet one day. But until then, he’s focused on being one of Long Island’s top goalies.

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