Athlete Of The Week: Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee prepares for a swing at a recent Syosset High School tennis match.
(Photo courtesy of Caroline Lee)

Caroline Lee didn’t enter Syosset High School thinking she would become a leader.

But her personality, on and off the tennis court, has elevated her to the top. The senior varsity star has not only been named as an All-County tennis team, but she’s a two-time All-State musician, playing the viola.

“I didn’t imagine I would be chosen as captain,” Lee said. “It wasn’t a goal of mine when I joined the team. I got close with a lot of the girls, both lowerclassmen and upperclassmen. I am very protective of my teammates. I’m a competitive person in general, so I like to put the team’s needs over my own because it’s a team sport. My extracurricular activities, besides tennis, have helped develop my leadership skills. I like being dependable for people.”

While Lee might not have imagined she would become a leader, head coach Shai Fisher knew right away there was something special about her.

“She’s a two-year varsity captain,” Fisher said. “She was voted as a captain when she was a junior by her peers. The level of support she provides for all members of the team is amazing. She’s 2-0 right now. She’s multi-talented, not just in tennis. She excels in tennis and is right up there academically.”

Lee is already 2-0 to start the 2019 season. Her determination on the court, she said, is one of her keys to winning.

“I don’t hit as hard as other singles players,” she said. “I don’t have the consistency or the same spin as them. But I play smarter than a lot of the girls. Because I can’t keep up with them pace-wise, I like to strategically play. I have a good way of adjusting to how my opponents are playing.”

Lee started playing tennis when she was in the seventh grade. It was something she did casually. But when she realized she had talent, she tried out for the Braves.

Not only did Lee make the team, but she stood out among the pack. Now, she’s gearing up for the next step of her life, which is college. She has her eyes set on attending an Ivy League institution, and tennis will always be part of her life.

“I don’t know about playing on a college team, but I’ll definitely join the club one,” she said.

No matter what university Lee attends, she wants to combine her passions, which are business and science. In her final months with the Braves, she wants to continue to make a difference.

“We were Nassau County champions last year, and we were considered the underdogs,” she said. “We lost the Long Island championship, so that’s the team goal. Individually, as a captain, I want to make a great final year for all of my teammates. I want to make them feel comfortable with where they are.”

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