Grab Suite Transforms Work Life Into Fresh Face

Dorita Faizzadeh poses in the lobby of the new Grab Suite office space.
(Photo by Joseph Wolkin)

When Dorita and Benny Faizzadeh departed from Tehran, the capital of Iran, they didn’t know what to expect. The couple, engaged to get married at the time, walked across the Iranian border, making their way into Pakistan.

From there, they found a United Nations post. This was in 1987, a year prior to the end of the Iran-Iraq War. Fortunately, the couple made their way into Austria.

“I was a teenager starting my life,” Dorita, who now lives in Great Neck with her husband, said. “We waited for the United States visa for a whole year. We started a new business there. We made a little handyman business. At that time, my husband was my fiancé. We made money and lived in Austria for a year. Then, we started our life in New York.”

Once the pair arrived in New York City, their new lives were officially underway after coming to the country with nothing.

Fast forward to 2019 and the couple is thriving. The American dream is alive and well for this family, and their latest investment is nothing short of extraordinary.

Grab Suite, a shared office space in the heart of Syosset, aims to provide the opportunity of a lifetime for entrepreneurs looking to expand their startup or give an already-existing company a fresh look.

“I just want to help entrepreneurs who are looking for an office space,” Dorita Faizzadeh said. “I want to be part of their success story. I want to help them and see them grow.”
The space, located at 125 Michael Dr.’s Suite 105, features 60 offices. It provides the flexibility of having daily, monthly or yearly options, giving business owners a choice of how long they want to stay in the building.

As part of Grab Suite’s pitch, they offer unlimited internet access, Apple TV for conference calls and presentations, easy-to-use phones and of course, unlimited coffee. To top it off, the businesses in Grab Suite don’t have to pay for utilities or other additional fees that they might have to deal with at other buildings.

“Our model of business is for an entrepreneur who is home-based and they want to start growing,” Dorita Faizzadeh said. “They see how easy, comfortable and affordable it is. It’s hassle-free because you aren’t bound to anything.”

However, it isn’t an easy pitch. Why should people utilize Grab Suite when they can go to other buildings with a stable lease?

“One of our challenges is to get to know people in the area,” Dorita said. “We want to market it to people who live in this neighborhood. We have a lot of big companies we’re working with.”

(Photo courtesy of Grab Suite)

Since opening in May, the Faizzadeh family has realized just how much potential this program has. Instead of building something like WeWork, which is for open office spaces inside of a building, this is one of the most affordable ways to start a business on Long Island. While WeWork’s popularity has expanded throughout New York City, there are few concepts like it in the heart of Long Island.

For as low as $40 per day, a brand can get their start and begin expanding at their own level.

“We started our life in American from nothing—from zero—and we were able to stand up on our feet until we grew and grew,” Dorita said. “It’s a great opportunity here for entrepreneurs.”

Moving forward, the Faizzadeh couple would like to see Grab Suite grow. They believe that if it’s marketed the right way, this can be spread throughout Long Island, giving other the chance they needed when they came to America.

“ I can’t see why a business looking for an office space wouldn’t want something easy and convenient,” Dorita said.

For more information on Grab Suite, visit their website at or call 516-460-9006.


  1. I tried to contact GrabSuite just to tell them what a great idea I think they have. Unfortunately, the e-mail address on their website did not work. If anybody from GrabSuite is reading this, you might want to fix that issue while you’ve got all this great publicity!

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