Local Family Creates New Card Game

Jason Mandel and his son, Carter, play Let’s asQ while camping.
(Photo courtesy of Jason Mandel)

Jason Mandel and his family had a vision. The Syosset family loves to think differently and most of all, they want to know one another as much as possible.

“My wife and two kids decided we wanted to do something as a family outside of the normal job and school,” Mandel said. “We wanted to create some sort of business and develop a product.”

The Mandel family always played games. They loved it. But they realized there was no game that exists to push for family connectivity.

That’s when they developed Let’s asQ, “a [card] game to break the ice with randos, learn more about your besties and learn something about yourself.” The deck can be played by basically anyone, no matter the age, as long as they want to open up.

“The idea comes from years ago, asking each other questions,” Mandel said. “Probably about eight months ago is when we came up with the name and started the journey.”

Obviously, the process of creating a game wasn’t too easy. The clan had to get a sales tax license, go through prototypes, do inventory and figure out how to actually sell this game.

While there might have been plenty of paperwork to fill out, Mandel and Co. established their company. Now, their product is on the market and things are going quite well.

“The best way to play the game is to play slowly,” he explained. “If you get a question, really answer it. One of the cards is ‘What’s the best smell?’ It’s a simple question, but the answer can take 20 minutes depending on how you want to answer and who else wants to chime in.”

Fortunately, the Syosset community has been supportive of this endeavor. Mandel said plenty of the family’s friends have already purchased the game and they are thoroughly enjoying it.

Currently, the game is on sale for $13.99 on Amazon. It comes with 52 cards, plus an instructional card.

For more information about Let’s asQ or to order the game, visit www.LetsasQ.com.

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