Take A Break And Enjoy Some Summer Cake

                                      (Photos by Ariel Kim)


Looking for something sweet on a hot summer’s day? Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery may be the right choice for you.

With signature flavors ranging from lemon drop to wedding cake, Smallcakes in Syosset hosts an array of flavors, which fluctuates daily.

This July, summer-related flavors include peach cobbler and piña colada, perfect for a beach-like excursion right in your backyard. However, timeless customer favorites birthday cake and red velvet are ready to melt in your mouth.

The designs of the cupcakes follow a relatively simple palette, with a hemispherical placement of icing topping a rich cup of pastry. The different flavors can be differentiated from each other by the unique design of each frosting flavor and cupcake batter.

Aside from the traditional cupcakes, Smallcakes also features “fresh homemade ice cream, which is made right here [at the Syosset store],” according to owner Adam Schillen. The flavors include unique takes, such as “24 Karrot,” which is a cream cheese-flavored ice cream infused with carrot cake cupcakes. And there are classics, such as mint chocolate chip, cookies-n-cream and lemon drop. The store launched in June 2018, according to Schillen. Smallcakes was “a franchise looking to do something new, driven by a larger entity with more than 200 of these stores in 22 states.”

The atmosphere of this relatively new store is bright and calm, a perfect place to cool down and enjoy a snack with friends. It’s a somewhat busy store and has a limited number of tables with seats lining the left side of the store in the midst of a small shopping center on Jackson Avenue. The right side of the store boasts its diverse array of cupcakes and ice cream, along with a large chalkboard display of weekly cupcake specials.

Stop on by at Smallcakes, located at 339 Jackson Ave. in Syosset.

Ariel Kim is a student at Jericho High School and editor-in-chief of Pegasus, the school’s annual literary magazine.

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