Athlete Of The Week Roundup: Round 2

Rebecca Korn is one of Syosset High School’s most agile lacrosse players.
(Photo by Syosset School District)

Life as a student-athlete is not an easy one. Long practice sessions. Endless hours of training. It seems like it never ends.

But thankfully, the summer provides a break from the chaotic schedules for both parents and their children. For now, they don’t have to worry about rushing to practice or pushing off homework for a few hours.

This summer, the Tribune looks back at the stars of the region throughout the season. Athletes who were featured throughout the year excelled, partially due to their innate abilities on the court and field, as well as friends, who pick them up when they’re down.

For Syosset High School senior Rebecca Korn, there is nothing more important than

Carly Halperin emerged as a leader for the Jericho High School varsity softball team in 2019.(Photo by Jericho School District)

teamwork. While evaluating her strengths, Korn said her ability as a dodger and finisher stand out the most. With intense practice sessions throughout the week, she’s gathered a high lacrosse IQ.

Jericho High School softball sensation Carly Halperin is a shortstop and pitcher. She had a breakout season, leading the team in 2019. She had a high batting average and also led the team in RBIs when she was interviewed in May.

Kabir Rajpal is one of Syosset High School’s leaders on the tennis court. (Photo courtesy of Syosset School District)

On the pitching side of things, Halperin is just as dominant. She had dozens of strikeouts from the circle, and coach Allison D’Antonio said she is “calm and collected.”

When Syosset High School’s Kabir Rajpal walks onto the tennis court, the only thing that matters to him is winning. The rising senior is considered to be one of the best boys tennis players in Nassau County. He was just named to the All-State team and went undefeated in 2019.

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