Athlete Of The Week Roundup: Round 1

Kristina Kallansrude will join the Adelphi women’s lacrosse team next year. (Photo by Jericho School District)

Life as a student-athlete is not an easy one. Long practice sessions. Endless hours of training. It seems like it never ends.

But thankfully, the summer provides a break from the chaotic schedules for both parents and their children. For now, they don’t have to worry about rushing to practice or pushing off homework for a few hours.

Julia Renny is a freshman third baseman and shortstop for the Syosset Braves. (Photo by Syosset High School)
Patrick Schnell will be playing lacrosse for University of Tampa next year. (Photo by Jericho
School District)

This summer, the Tribune will take a look back at the stars of the region throughout the season. Athletes who were featured throughout the year excelled, partially due to their innate abilities on the court and field, as well as friends, who pick them up when they’re down.

Jericho High School’s Kristina Kallansrude was on a mission to win in 2019. She was considered a leader for the Jayhawks’ girls lacrosse team. Next up, she’s go

Patrick Schnell is a lacrosse coach’s dream come true. The All-Conference star plays lacrosse, and he also starred on wrestling and football teams. On the lacrosse field, Schnell is an attacker. His job is to score and he does it quite well.

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