Athlete of the Week: Carly Halperin

Carly Halperin is one of the leaders for the Jericho High School varsity softball team.
(Photo by Jericho School District)

Life as a high school athlete is not a simple one. The long practices, combined with hours of homework and test prep often conquer student-athletes.

However, that is not the case for Jericho High School softball sensation Carly Halperin. The Jawhawks shortstop and pitcher is having a breakout season, leading the team as they attempt to have a winning record in 2019.

“Coming off our 4-11 year last year, we’ve been off to a really good start,” Halperin, a sophomore, said. “We’ve been communicating more as a team. We’ve done a lot of team bonding this year to work together.

“I’ve played travel before like a couple of the girls, so we’re the leaders on the field, because we’re always shouting out what to do and stuff like that.”

At the time of publication, Halperin’s slash line (batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage) was .425/.568/.914. Additionally, she leads the team with 22 RBIs.

“I just work hard and always practice,” she said. “Even when I make a mistake, I try not to get down on myself and try to make the next play.”

On the pitching side of things, Halperin is just as dominant. She has 33 strikeouts from the circle, and head coach Allison D’Antonio said she is “calm and collected in that position.”

“Carly is a beast on the field and when she is playing shortstop, there is nothing she can’t handle,” D’Antonio said. “She is also a skilled kazoo player and frequently serenades the team both before and after games. She is a deeply passionate player and as only a sophomore, she is a huge asset to our very young program. I look forward to seeing what she can accomplish during the next few seasons.”

While no moment in particular stands out to Halperin, she is the overall player that the Jayhawks need to succeed.

Halperin believes the two hours a day, six days a week spent practicing with the Jayhawks is starting to pay off. The mentality that D’Antonio is preaching is starting to sink in.

“I feel like I’ve done well in adapting to whatever position I’m playing, or if it’s a fast or slow pitcher,” she said. “I always try to stay positive no matter what the situation is in the game. I’m really passionate about the sport, so I get very upset because I don’t like losing. I’m always trying to work on staying more positive and trying to pump up my teammates, even when I’m down on myself.”


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