Athlete of the Week: Kristina Kallansrude

Kristina Kallansrude will join the Adelphi women’s lacrosse team next year.
(Photo by Jericho School District)

It’s almost time for Kristina Kallansrude to head to college. But before her career at Jericho High School is up, she’s on a mission: to lead the girls lacrosse team to a title. Not even switching conferences can get in her way.

“We moved up a conference this year, so our expectations are low from everyone else’s perspective,” Kallansrude said. “We’re going to go out there and try our best. We won the conference last year, but now we’re the underdogs every game. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I don’t want to upset or disappoint my team. It’s a team sport and everyone needs to contribute in order to win.”

Kallansrude is considered one of the leaders for the Jayhawks. Her leadership speaks for itself on and off the field, becoming one of the team’s top motivators over time.

To kick off 2019, Kallansrude went on a tear. She destroyed the defenses from Baldwin and Division Avenue, scoring five goals and seven assists during the first pair of games this year. For head coach Hayley Lacey, it’s not surprising.

“Kristina Kallansrude is a five-year varsity starter,” Lacey said. “She has been the greatest offensive force on this squad and is a true threat all over the field. As a senior captain, she understands the importance of being a leader on and off the field to her fellow peers and teammates.”

It’s that leadership quality, combined with an intense combination of studying and athletics, that Kallansrude believes helped her land a slot at Adelphi University, where she’ll join the Division I women’s lacrosse team next season. The workload, she said, was quite intense at first. But over the past five years, she learned how to make it work.

Now, this budding lacrosse star is on the move.

“As I grew older, I realized going away isn’t right for me,” Kallansrude said. “I know the Adelphi assistant coach and I always said I wouldn’t go because it’s too close. I went there three or four times and the coaches were amazing. I had an offer on the table and after a lot of thought, I chose them because they’re great at lacrosse and they have a great nursing program.”

Kallansrude loves the sport. It’s her life. But it isn’t the only one she participates in at Jericho. She’s been involved with the soccer and basketball programs as well, making highlights in multiple sports across Nassau County.

So what is the key to her success?

“Practicing because my work ethic is great and I’m coachable,” she said. “The practice I have on and off the field has made me the player I am today. When someone tells me to do something, I can fix it in order to improve my game.”

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