Get A Life


The last year and a half has been a roller coaster of news, fake news and everything in between. There’s no finer display of that than on social media, which has become a breeding ground for hate, creative insults and bullies posing as the righteous.

I’m well aware that this is nothing new. But last week while scrolling Twitter, amidst the promotional ads for Lean Cuisine and NBC dramas, I seemed to face a never-ending barrage of insults against conservatives, liberals, conservative liberals, liberal conservatives and everyone who has ever expressed an opinion. Many of these people spewing hateful vitriol—who ranged from celebrities, to film producers to authors to the guy pouring coffee at the deli down the block—were also the same ones who a few Tweets back, were calling for love and unity and world peace. #hypocrite

The Bible says that out of the heart, the mouth speaks. What do your words say about your heart? Do you really believe the world should be accepting to all or just those that agree with you? It’s OK to disagree with someone, it’s OK to peacefully protest their policies or viewpoints or the choices they’ve made—but it’s not OK to encourage hate or violence. What ever happened to when they go low, we go high?

Let me offer you a suggestion. Delete your social media for a month, even a week, and find out how much lower your blood pressure gets. While you’re at it, stop reading the comments section of the articles you read. Don’t even take a glance. You won’t miss fighting with that Internet troll from the middle of nowhere, I promise.

And, to take it a step further, actually do something. Volunteer at an animal shelter, clean up a beach, deliver meals to the elderly, have a food drive for the homeless. It’s a lot more helpful, and rewarding, than trying to find yet another synonym for “idiot.”

—Betsy Abraham


  1. Thank you for really nailing it with this article, Betsy. As an older person (55) who is terribly saddened and frustrated by the division and anger that swooped in about two years ago and demolished any remaining semblance of mutual respect in America, I am encouraged to see younger people like yourself speaking out. Please do not give up, as there are many of us out here who are desperately trying to weather the storm.

    Now, if commenting on this site requires a Facebook account (as just about every other site does these days), I give up!


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