Syosset High School Students Campaign Against Puppy Mills

Syosset High School Dog Rescue Group (Photos courtesy of Syosset High School Dog Rescue Group)

The Syosset High School Rescue Group recently began a campaign against puppy mills by making posters and hanging them throughout the school. A puppy mill is large-scale commercial dog breeding facility where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.

The group supports many rescue organizations, including Freeport-based Ruff House Rescue, which is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from high-kill rural shelters.

Puppy mills have been in the news recently, with the protest of American Dog Club at Sunrise Westfield Mall and protest of The Puppy Store in Merrick, following the arrest of owner Robert Lawrence on animal cruelty charges.

The Facebook-based organization Puppy Mill Free Long Island works to educate the community about the association between puppy mills and pet stores. The group is proud of the students at Syosset High School for their commitment to rescuing animals and denouncing puppy mills.


  1. This is so very positive! Kids and teenagers understand that when one purebred dog is born for petshops or resale, another dog is killed in a shelter due to overpopulation. The facts are facts, just research it. So grateful to the next generation and those who report/educate on this dilema.


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