Wondrous Life Lessons In Wonder

From left: Freshmen Lexi A. Ellie K., and Brooke M., agree that the movie promotes a positive attitude about accepting others
By Jayden Kupferman

R.J. Palacio’s New York Times bestselling novel Wonder has recently been adapted into a movie receiving high regards from many Jericho students and staff. The movie is about a boy named Auggie, who has a facial deformity caused by Treacher Collins Syndrome and how he leaves his homeschooling years behind to start fifth grade in a real school. Auggie is not comfortable with the way his face looks and tries to hide it behind a space helmet that he has received as a gift from his sister’s best friend Miranda. Going to school is a struggle for Auggie because he is constantly made fun of by his classmates. Eventually, they start to open up to him and Auggie realizes that being different should be embraced rather than feared. He starts to accept himself and becomes confident in school. His sister Olivia and friends Summer and Jack Will exemplify the impact truly knowing a person can have and how negative attention can be turned into a benefit.

This movie was filled with many life lessons that are important for each child and adult to learn and understand. Wonder illustrates why it is crucial for people not to judge others.
Sophomore Penelope A. enjoyed the movie despite how emotional she felt it was.

Film parents Owen Wilson (left) and Julia Roberts flank Jacob Tremblay (center), the star of Wonder

“The movie showed how to treat people even if they are different,” she said, adding that it is “a good movie for younger kids because they aren’t exposed to situations like that yet.”

Freshman Ellie K. said, “I thought Wonder was a great movie. It really makes you appreciate life and how people affect your life.”

Freshman Lexi A. agreed. “It really touched my heart and was very inspirational. It also showed that you shouldn’t judge someone by their looks” she said. In addition, freshman Brooke M. was a big fan of Wonder.

“I thought it was really amazing because it inspires people, tells people to be nice and to not judge a book by its cover,” she said.

Adults also appreciate the film’s message. Teacher’s assistant Ms. Gould said, “I thought it was a wonderful movie, and I loved the actors and actresses they picked for each position.”
She said the biggest takeaway of the movie for her was “to be grateful for everything that we have.” She recommends that all families see this movie together since the lessons it teaches are important for all.


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