Syosset CSD Facilities Improvement Vote


On Tuesday, Feb. 13, Syosset Central School District (CSD) residents will have an opportunity to vote 6 a.m.–9 p.m. on two propositions to address the remaining concerns in the District’s Five-Year Buildings Condition. Survey and make improvements to academics, athletics, air quality, safety, and energy efficiency. Each proposition requires a separate vote. Syosset’s schools were constructed in the late 1950s and early 1960s. While repairs are done regularly, many of the major systems are approaching 70 years of age. Both Proposition No. 1 and Proposition No. 2 are designed to work together to maximize efficiency and minimize the time needed to complete the work. By voting on both propositions in February, construction could begin as early as July 2019.

Proposition No. 1: Facilities Improvement Plan would remedy remaining items
identified in the District’s Five-Year Buildings Condition Survey; remodel Syosset High School science classrooms and research labs; renovate Syosset High School athletic field in its current location (replacing the natural field with an artificial turf field and a new eight-lane track); relocate the softball field, and add outdoor bathrooms and two additional tennis courts; improve traffic safety at Baylis, Berry Hill and Walt Whitman Elementary Schools and Syosset High School; enclose walkways at South Grove Annex and Syosset High School for enhanced security; install air conditioning in all classrooms and in the auditoriums at Harry B. Thompson and South Woods Middle Schools and Syosset High School; and replace the Syosset High School weight room while adding additional bathrooms, locker rooms and a security corridor.

Proposition No. 1 would authorize the district to use $11,464,500 in Capital Reserve Funds and borrow (through a bond) $34,345,500. The net change in the tax levy, after state reimbursement and retirement of old debt, would be an estimated $20.65/year for every $10,000 in annual school taxes paid by a homeowner.

Proposition No. 2: Enhanced Safety and Energy Efficiency Plan would use an energy
performance contract to replace furnaces at Baylis, South Grove, Village and Willits Elementary Schools; install solar panels on five schools for energy efficiency; install energy management systems in all schools; install a cogeneration unit to generate electricity and heat for heating and domestic hot water at Syosset High School; replace lighting fixtures with more efficient LED lighting; and install a cogeneration unit as an emergency backup generator at South Woods Middle School.

Proposition No. 2 would have no impact on the tax levy. Voter approval would result in
an additional $2.2 million in state aid reimbursement. The project would reduce annual energy consumption by $1.2 million. After installation costs and state aid, this would save the district $7.7 million over 18 years.

For more information, including voting locations, please visit the district’s website at, our District Facebook page, or the District Twitter account,
@SyoPhase2Vote. All residents are invited to attend the last in a series of community
information meetings, which will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 7 starting at 7:30 p.m. at South Woods Middle School. In addition, a public tour of project locations at Syosset High School will be held on Saturday, Feb. 3 from 10:30 a.m. until noon.

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