Business Offers Budget Blinds To Go

Jane Stark, owner of Budget Blinds Syosset (Photo by Chris Boyle)

Budget Blinds is the latest business to set up shop in Syosset, but with an unusual twist. Jane Stark is the franchise owner of Budget Blinds, a purveyor of blinds, shades, skylights, and other home accoutrements. But what sets Budget Blinds apart from the competition is its uniquely mobile nature; Stark owns no actual storefront, but is instead headquartered out of a snappy, graphic-laden minivan.
“Budget Blinds is a California-based company approximately 25 years old, and they sell franchises to individual business owners,” she said. “I live in Northport, but I purchased a territory situated in Syosset, so my business is called Budget Blinds Syosset. My territory includes lots of area codes…in addition to Syosset, I work Jericho, Old Westbury, Oyster Bay, Glen Cove, Westbury, Hicksville and several others.”
Stark advertises quite a bit, and essentially what she does is she waits until she receives a call from a prospective client, drives to their house for a free consultation, and presents them with numerous samples to peruse. Once a purchase has been made, whatever the client has ordered—be it blinds, shades, or what-have-you—is custom made and delivered within weeks for installation. Most jobs Stark handles on her own, but in the event of a larger project, she has installers to assist her.

The Syosst-Woodbuty Chamber of Commerce holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome new business Budget Blinds into the community.
(Photo by Chris Boyle)

Budget Blinds of Syosset has actually been rolling for almost a year now, engaging in an extended “soft opening” of sorts. But now a full-fledged member of the Syosset-Woodbury Chamber of Commerce, Stark was finally ready to engage in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to truly indoctrinate herself into the community. Already, Stark has been raving about the treatment she’s been receiving from her fellow chamber members and their president, Charo Ezdrin, and looks forward to working with them extensively in the future.
“Everyone’s delightful…I’ve spoken with Charo and everyone else, and so far they shown me a great deal support,” she said. “I can’t wait to meet everyone else in the chamber.”

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