A Worldly Experience at South Woods International Expo

Students from South Woods Middle School in Syosset didn’t have to travel far to experience an international cultural tour, all happening in one place—the South Woods gym. This year’s South Woods PTSA Multicultural Expo capped off the school-wide Multicultural Week. After sampling delicious foods from Pakistan, Israel, Bangladesh, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Italy, Greece, Korea, China, Mexico, Philippines, India, Switzerland, Japan, Russia and Germany, the students were treated to various performances beautifully executed by fellow students such as: Filipino Tinikling, Hulusi Wind Instruments, Bollywood dance routines, Martial Arts, Japanese Soran Bushi, Chinese Yo-Yo, and Chuan Qi. This event could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication from PTSA co-chairs, Hanit Gluck, Mamta Panchal and Sarika Shah, the committee VP, Beverly Marmor and South Woods ESL teacher, Elizabeth Brozek.

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