School Board Endorsements


BCA Endorses Barbara Krieger

The Birchwood Civic Association (BCA) strongly endorses Barbara Krieger for the position of Jericho School Board member. Barbara has vast experience, acquired during her many years serving as both a Jericho board member and its president. The BCA is very confident that she would continue to be a valuable member of the Jericho School Board.

Barbara has been an active member of her Jericho community and has been a valuable and dedicated member of the BCA for many years. It is with extreme confidence in Barbara’s abilities and dedication that the BCA gives its full endorsement of her candidacy.

The BCA also recently welcomed Pam Heath, Jill Citron and Sam Perlman to attend its last meeting. Each of these three candidates made presentations with regard to their interest in being elected to the school board. The BCA found all three candidates to be qualified for these positions.

Also for the Syosset School Boards, we are supporting and endorsing the following candidates: Anna Levitan, Carol Cheng and Michael Cohen.

—Roy Chipkin

In Support Dr. Pam Wasserman Heath

Dr. Pam Wasserman Heath is a wonderful example of a working mother, parent, community member and public service minded individual. She would be an asset to the Jericho School District Board of Education simply because she is smart, concerned and involved as a parent, friend and someone who reaches out to many who have no one reaching out to them. She is honest and speaks her mind whether it is a popular stance or not. If she feels it is in the best interest of others, especially young people, Dr. Wasserman Heath will spend the necessary time and energy to achieve her goals. I have known Dr. Wasserman Heath for four years and our interactions have been social as well as professional. Her warmth makes everyone associated with Dr. Wasserman Heath fully at ease. Her intelligence allows us to know she has an educated and thoughtful response to challenges. Her experience as a professional and small business owner as well as her volunteer commitments to the school and religious organization in the community solidifies my belief in her excellent qualifications for the Jericho School District Board of Education.

—Beth Bucheister,

Supporting Citron For School Board

I am sending this email to ask you to support and vote for my friend, Jill Citron, in the Jericho School Board election on May 16th. I have known Jill for many years and I think the school district would be lucky to have her on its Board. She is currently a board trustee, she was unanimously appointed by the current Board to replace a member who had to step down after being elected as a judge, and we need her to stay on the board. Her experience as a corporate and estate planning attorney and her leadership roles in the community and the PTA make Jill uniquely qualified to sit on the Board of Education. Jill is compassionate, thoughtful, analytical, diplomatic and hard working. She gladly volunteers her time to the community and makes people feel welcome, respected and heard. She is honest, has a great deal of integrity and has no agenda other than wanting what is best for our children and the community. There is no one who is more dedicated to our community and our children and I hope you will join me in voting for Jill Citron on May 16th.

Please remind your children and their friends who are 18 or older and all of your friends, neighbors and family who are eligible voters to for Jill, either in person on May 16th or by absentee ballot. Thank you in advance for your support.

—Debra and John Carrion

Recommendations For Citron And Wasserman Heath

I confidently recommend Jill Citron to the Jericho Board of Education. I have known Jill for the past ten years. She was co-president with me on the George A. Jackson Elementary PTA. She was my mentor and I can undoubtedly say I learned so much from her.

Jill is levelheaded, fair and analytical in her approach. She is soft-spoken in nature, but always makes sure her voice is heard. She always keeps the students and parents best interests at the forefront. Jill considers all aspects of a situation and gives a solid, thoughtful response. Her legal background will certainly benefit the board as it did the PTA. She has a strong sense to protect the students, school and the community with integrity and veracity.

The current board unanimously appointed her as a trustee, so it is clear that they already know she is an asset to Jericho Schools. Give her the opportunity to continue in her role and vote for her in the upcoming election. She has certainly earned it.

I also enthusiastically support Pam Wasserman Heath for Jericho Board of Education, whom I have also known for over ten years and served as co-president with me on the George A. Jackson PTA. Throughout the years, she has become my role model as a mother, friend, and human being. She exemplifies honesty, fairness and compassion. Her slogan of “Our Community, Our Voice” speaks to who Pam is at her core. She has an innate ability to listen beyond the words being spoken. Throughout her years on the PTA, she created an environment that is welcoming to all. Pam constantly made the students’ best interests a priority. She is a person of strong values and unwavering ethics. She is very active in her community, which gives her a solid sense of Jericho’s changing needs. In a nutshell, she sees, listens, thinks and then comes up with a solution.

I am incredibly confident that Pam will be an asset to the Jericho Board of Education.

—Adriana Milana

North Shore Synagogue Endorses Wasserman Heath

Over the past seven years I have had the privilege to get to know Dr. Pam Wasserman Heath and her family as members of North Shore Synagogue. This is a very involved family to the point where Pam was elected to our board of trustees last year. Pam has been able to give of her time to plan events, attend various meetings and participates in committees all while serving as the Co- President of Jackson Elementary School and now serving as Vice President of Joint Council of PTA’s.

As President of North Shore Synagogue I watch and listen to Pam as she acts with integrity, caring, and thoughtfulness, the traits anyone would be looking for in a candidate for school board. This working mother of two has my full endorsement for Jericho School Board as I am well aware of what she will bring to your community and you won’t be disappointed. You will be lucky to have a volunteer like Dr. Pam Wasserman Heath on your school board.

I believe Pam has the background to be a great asset to the Jericho School Board. Her ability to work side by side with other trustees and always able to see what is the best path to take.

To volunteer her time to help improve and move forward in a positive way are not traits to be taken lightly.

—Harvey Wiesenberg
President, North Shore Synagogue

Endorsing Dr. Pam Wasserman Heath For School Board

I have lived in Jericho for over 20 years and have children who have gone through the Jericho schools as well as a son who is still within the school system. With the upcoming school board vote, we must consider what is important in a school board member. Our school board members are advocates for public education in our community and our students in our school system. We need someone who can face issues, evaluate facts and act in our students’ best interest. That person must be able to consider the interests of all our students, including how different issues may affect the members of our changing community.

For these reasons, I support the candidacy of Dr. Pam Wasserman-Heath. As a previous Jericho student herself, and as the parent of current Jericho students, she knows the impact that Jericho education and extra-curricular activities have on a student’s life. As a professional in the mental health field, she understands the repercussions of decisions that affect our students and our community. She is well suited to comment on the anti-bullying and inclusive programming Jericho promotes. When faced with a choice between standing by or acting, she consistently “leans in” to a problem – she learns the most she can about a situation and the ramifications of a decision, and then she acts. While not afraid to fight to achieve her objectives, she consistently builds relationships, treating all actors with a respect that achieves results. Her ability to objectively consider issues, act after determining action needs to be taken, and build productive relationships with those around her while achieving her goals, has led to leadership positions both in the Jericho school community as a Co-President of Jackson Elementary PTA and Vice President of the Joint Council of the PTA, and as a board member of North Shore Synagogue.

As we all know, the quality of our school district is not only essential to the well-being of our students – it’s a foundation of the strength and health of the Jericho community as a whole. This means that our school board members have an ideal opportunity to promote the well-being of our community while promoting the interests of our students. To accomplish these goals, we need members who can both fight for what they know must be done and work cooperatively to reach those objectives. I hope you join Jericho residents on May 16th to vote for the board member of your choice, and that you consider Pam Wasserman-Heath when doing so.

—Allison Plesur

How To Choose A Candidate

The upcoming election for the Jericho Board of Education is something that affects all Jericho residents, including those that no longer have children in the school district. The standards for the quality of education that we have come to expect from the district are the same standards we should demand from our candidates and elected board members. Too often, political posturing and social pressures force voters to make the wrong choice with unintended consequences. While all of us have our own busy lives, this is something that should grab everyone’s attention and careful deliberation to choose the best and most qualified individuals for an important job in our community.

I believe the best way to determine a yes or no vote is to ask yourself the following questions: Does the candidate have the proper and relevant qualifications for the position? Can this person get along well with others or is he/she arrogant? Does the candidate have the ability to compromise to bring about positive outcomes, or does righteousness get in their way? Finally, Does the candidate possess the proper temperament for the position? After careful consideration, I believe that Jill Citron and Dr. Pam Wasserman-Heath are more than qualified for seats on the Jericho Board Of Education.

Jill currently sits on the Board after she was unanimously appointed to replace a vacant seat earlier this year. She has held the position of PTA President and President of the Joint PTA council. She was elected to these positions solely based on her ability to execute ideas with ease and negotiate in a reasonable and fair minded way. Her reputation as a selfless and helpful member of the community is beyond reproach. She approaches every situation with integrity and the ability to listen first and reply later. Jill’s professional background as a corporate and estate planning attorney allow her to quickly analyze information in an un biased and diplomatic way, something that is vital to the success of our ever changing and growing district.

Pam is a Jericho graduate who has a deep commitment to the community and the district. Her Community resume includes PTA

President and Vice President of the Joint Council of PTA’s, as well as a current Board member of North Shore Synagogue and charitable organizations. Her professional experience as a Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years qualifies her to resolve conflicts and sensitive issues that may arise in a way that will benefit all parties. Her warm, caring and helpful nature is a welcome addition to any group or decision making body. She believes that constructive and respectful dialogue can get almost anything accomplished.

Jill and Pam are both committed to the success and well being of every Jericho family and the community at large. They conduct themselves with integrity, diligence, purpose and care. I am proud to know them and have them represent my voice in the community.

—Marianne Bock

Endorsement for Heath
I am a parent from the Jackson Elementary School.

I know Pam Heath from working with her at the Jackson ES PTA.
She is a warm, open-minded person who is always there to listen and support us. Whenever I needed help or advice, she always gives quick response and her full attention.
She truly cares and respects the needs of our diverse community.

As a member of the Chinese Association of Jericho(CAJ) ,  we often get messages from Pam asking to attend our meetings and being part of  our conversation. She cares about our issues just as much as everyone else’s.

Each month, CAJ runs meeting to share information about our school district and the community. Pam often comes to join us and stays til the end even when most of the meetings are in Chinese. However, she always stays because she likes to learn and  understand how new families feel when they first come to this country without knowing English. She is putting herself in the same shoe when she sits in our meetings and trying to find ways to help and support these families.

I believe that Pam will be a great asset to the Jericho School Board of Education.

—Yimei Ciu

Supporting Cheng And Cohen

One of the most important elected positions in any community is that of School Board Trustee for that individual is charged with the education of our children and oversight of taxpayers’ dollars. We have been honored to serve as Syosset School Board Trustees for many years, April for 12 and Laura for 6. We are proud of the work that has been accomplished, the plethora of changes that have been made and the relationships that have been built and nurtured. This tremendous growth on the board has been championed and led by our president, Dr. Michael Cohen, who has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and integrity for 12 years and is ready to continue to serve as an integral part of what makes this board successful. The Syosset-Woodbury community has been lucky to have such a strong force in its corner. Michael was the new leadership that allowed for the unrestricted flow of information, the open dialogues between the school board and the community and the strong working relationship between the board and administration. Michael has made it his mission to listen to the community and has been a significant stabilizing influence while exhibiting his thoroughness and commitment through substantive contributions to the board’s important undertakings, most notably the selection of our new superintendent, deputy superintendent, building principals and key administrators. Michael is all about the children and has no hidden or personal agenda.

Carol Cheng, Michael’s running mate, shares the same core values. She is a longtime volunteer in the Syosset PTA and the Syosset community, having served as Village School’s PTA Co-President. Carol has shown excellent leadership qualities while actively representing the best interests of children and parents. She has represented our district with distinction, often taking on projects and completing tasks behind the scenes without fanfare or notoriety.

Why do we overwhelming support Michael and Carol for School Board Trustees – because they have displayed over the years the temperament needed to be successful in this very important role. We need people on the board who can successfully build consensus and both Michael and Carol have proven track records for getting all parties involved and facilitating solutions that demonstrate compromise and the best interests of all stakeholders.

We need Michael and Carol who each understand the complexities involved in running our schools efficiently while providing our children with the world class education that they will need to compete in an increasingly complex global economy. A superb education is vital to our children and to us as property owners in order to maintain Syosset’s excellent reputation as one of the most desirable school districts on Long Island and indeed in New York State. Please vote for Dr. Michael Cohen (Ballot #5) and Carol Cheng (Ballot #2) on May 16th.

—April Neuendorf and Laura Schlesinger
(The statements above are our personal opinion and do not represent a formal position of the Syosset Board of Education.)

Jill Citron Endorsement 
As a Jericho resident and graduate of Jericho Schools, I have always been proud of the reputation of our school district. The advancements that continue to be made in our education programs can only strengthen the learning opportunities offered to our students. I support Jill Citron’s candidacy for a seat on the Board of Education, as she is the person who has the dedication, knowledge, and determination to see that Jericho Schools’ programming continues to thrive. Jill, a current Board of Education Member, was unanimously appointed to the Board in January 2017.

I have known Jill for more than twenty years. She has a stellar reputation for dedication to our schools and community. Jill served as PTA President for Jackson Elementary School and President of Jericho’s Joint PTA Council. Through her service on these Boards and her current experience as member of the Jericho Board of Education, Jill has developed a tremendous understanding of how our school district operates and its relationship to the broader education system in New York State. Having served on the Board since January, Jill already has a working knowledge of Board practices and policies. As a dedicated community member, Jill is quick to offer her assistance to our local programs. She has been involved in community athletics, volunteering for roles from team administrator to coach. Jill is patient, honest thoughtful and fair.

Jill’s personality is that of a natural diplomat. She approaches discourse in a reasonable and analytical fashion. She is a problem solver. Jill’s years as a corporate and estate planning attorney reflect these characteristics. I have always found Jill to be approachable, pragmatic and honest. I am confident that if elected, Jill will continue to have a strong and meaningful voice for all families in our district. This election is important because our school district and community must continue to reach ever-increasing levels of excellence.

—Debra Goldstein


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