Sisterhood Women’s Seder Warms North Shore Synagogue

North Shore Synagogue Sisterhood members were joined by daughters, parents, friends and community members for an evening of music, learning and fun.

Just before the Passover holiday, the Sisterhood of North Shore Synagogue hosted their annual Women’s Seder. More than 60 women, comprised of congregants, daughters, moms and grandmothers were welcomed by flower-adorned tables set for the occasion in the temple’s youth lounge. The weeks leading up to the Passover holiday can add additional stress to the often-hectic lives of Jewish families as they contemplate entertaining many family members and guests at a traditional Passover Seder in their own homes. Combined with the prospect of feeding sometimes more than a dozen people, the moments to reflect and rest during the Passover holiday are few and far between.

North Shore’s Women’s Seder provides a welcome respite from those responsibilities. It is a wonderful opportunity to bond with other women in a beautiful setting and to learn about and enjoy a special haggadah, which tells of the Jewish exodus story from a woman’s perspective. The festive Seder, led by Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet and Rabbi Rachel Maimin, included participant readings, singing and dancing throughout the temple lounge.

The story of Passover relayed at the North Shore Women’s Seder also focused on the courageous actions of Jewish women including Miriam, Moses’ sister who watched over him as he floated down the Nile River, to be found and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. Miriam also led women in joyous celebration after crossing the Red Sea.

The traditional Passover meal was provided by North Shore Synagogue’s new caterer, Carlyle at North Shore. Shalhevet thanked Sisterhood president Laurie Silverman for organizing the event and said “I always look forward to our Sisterhood Women’s Seder, as it is a beautiful bonding experience which fills our temple with love and warmth.”

—North Shore Synagogue

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