Muttontown Garden Center Preserves Land


To the delight of residents from the greater Muttontown area, the community will not be losing a beloved agricultural center, but instead be gaining a brand new one. On Wednesday, April 5, Heritage Farm & Garden, located at 6050 Northern Blvd., formally opened its doors to the public, presenting a vast selection of plants, as well as home and garden supplies and decor from around the world.

The new nursery and gardening goods retailer marks a significant moment in the community’s history, replacing the iconic Martin Viette Nurseries, which had been in operation for 87 years before its abrupt closing.

The family-owned business unexpectedly shut its doors on December 23, 2016, breaking the hearts of its loyal customers who would soon learn that the 42-acre property would be sold for commercial and housing development.

Heritage Farm & Garden sells a variety of home and garden decor from all over the world.

“The public response since we opened has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Bill Pandolfo, general manager of Heritage Farm & Garden. “The customers continually thank us for being here, and business keeps picking up everyday. No one wanted to see condos or houses or commercial buildings on this huge property.”

In January 2017, the Dubner family purchased the land to continue the tradition of using it solely for horticultural purposes.

“We are as passionate about maintaining the horticultural heritage of Long Island as we are about providing the community with a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature,” said Steven Dubner, owner of the new facility.

“Many of the local homeowners have expressed relief that instead of subdividing the property for homes, we will proudly continue the 87-year old tradition of keeping the location for horticultural use,” added Wendy Dubner Master, Steven’s daughter who has assumed an active role in the business.

There is a range of diverse plants available for purchase.

Steven and Wendy have been working together to maintain the legacy of Martin Viette Nurseries while making their own original mark on the community, capitalizing on their past experiences in the agricultural field.

Steven is the owner of a well-known landscaping company, in operation for more than 50 years, and a prestigious nursery farm on the North Fork.

Wendy, attracted to the industry after years of witnessing her father’s passion for all things agriculture, pursued a degree in environmental law and founded a decorative pottery and planter distribution business while in school. She is enthusiastic about her role in the business, responsible for designing the store layout and determining the unique product selection.

Tools for all gardening needs can be found.

The home and garden shopping center prides itself on its diverse presentation of annuals, perennials, indoor plants, vegetables, herbs, roses, shrubs, trees and more. The newly transformed space also includes a selection of home goods such as candles, rugs, wine decanters, recycled vases, picture frames and antique accessories, hailing from countries around the world.

The Dubners intend to begin hosting seasonal events in an effort to bring like-minded members of the greater community together and establish Heritage Farm & Garden as more than just a nursery and gardening goods supplier.

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