Nailing It Naturally

Customers can choose from many natural products and polishes that are safe to use and not harmful to the environment.

Zoya nail polish is a non-toxic way of getting beautiful nails without using harsh ingredients, which damage hands and the environment. By using non-toxic ingredients including vitamins, proteins and botanicals, the product claims to refine nail plate surfaces and provide long term therapy benefits.

The Natural Nail Salon, located in Syosset, only carries Zoya nail polish. Nail stylist Nicole K. described the polish saying, “We use Zoya polish in our salon because it contains less toxic substances and is a popular polish,” she said. They use Zoya products because the polish “lasts longer and is well known.” She added, “People are giving positive feedback because they want to help the environment and the ingredients they put into their bodies.”

Freshman Olivia L. enjoys using Zoya nail polish because “the nail polish stays for a long time.” She also appreciates the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients.

“Regular nail polish has a strong smell and Zoya has no smell,” said Olivia L. “Also, I love that the polish doesn’t have formaldehyde because it causes cancer.”

Jericho High School Attendance Secretary Mrs. Del Piano said, “[I] would definitely consider using the polish.” But, she also stated, “My biggest concern is whether it is long lasting and if the price is worth the results.”

On the contrary, freshman Nadia N. said, “I would not consider using Zoya nail polish because other polishes are more popular and Zoya is higher priced.”

In addition to its higher price, there are fewer harmful substances in Zoya than in other polishes.

Overall, Zoya nail polish is a good way to keep yourself and the environment safe. This polish is sold in more than 15 countries worldwide and is becoming a huge success on Long Island.

—By Jayden Kupferman


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