Around Syosset And Jericho Schools


schools_22217aSinging School Bus Driver Stops at Berry Hill
Berry Hill kindergarten and first grade students enjoyed singing and dancing to songs by Joe Guida, The Singing School Bus Driver. Guida performed some of his favorite hits including “Hit the Bump Joe,” “Buckle Up,” “Dinosaur Walk,” “Macaroni and Cheese” and “Circle & Shout.” The visit, which has become a favorite annual event for students and staff, was made possible by the Berry Hill PTA’s Cultural Arts Committee.
—Berry Hill PTA
schools_22217bBerry Hill Students Honored In Reflections Program
The Berry Hill PTA and Principal Mary Kolkhorst honored all the school’s students who participated in the National PTA Reflections Program. Twenty entries in visual arts, literature and photography were submitted on behalf of Berry Hill Elementary School students. Of those entries, ten advanced to the Nassau Region PTA judging phase. All of these students and their families were invited to attend a special ceremony before the Berry Hill PTA’s February meeting where they were honored with certificates and ribbons.
—Berry Hill PTA

schools_22217cJericho Students Perform In Largest High School Jazz Competition
Jericho High School was one of over 200 featured bands at the 49th annual Berklee High School Jazz Festival, the country’s largest high school jazz competition, at Hynes Convention Center in Boston recently. Over 3,000 high school students who comprise over 200 bands and vocal ensembles competes for $175,000 in scholarships to various Berklee summer programs. The event featured concerts, a clinic with Berklee Brass Department chair Sean Jones and performances by Berklee groups.
—Berklee College of Music
Syosset Learns About Effects Of Drug Abuse
Dr. Stephen Dewey, a neuroscientist at the Feinstein Institute at Northwell Hospital, recently gave a gripping presentation to the Syosset School District community. The presentation and discussion was sponsored by the Syosset Council of PTAs Health & Safety Committee. Attendees learned how alcohol and drug use affects the developing adolescent and the adult brain. A range of drugs from caffeine to methamphetamine, opioids, heroin and other highly addictive drugs, were openly discussed as well. The audience also gained knowledge and confidence to guide their adolescents through the substance abuse discussion.
—Syosset Council of PTAs


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