CrossFit Craze Hits Syosset

Bryan Jonas, head coach and owner of CrossFit Peak Dynamics.

It’s not too early to get a head start on New Year’s fitness resolutions, and now it’s even easier for Syosset residents and those of neighboring towns with the opening of a new CrossFit gym at 180 Michael Dr.

“I grew up in Syosset and wanted to bring a business back to a community where I know people, and know that there’s a lot of people I could work with who are motivated when it comes to fitness,” said Bryan Jonas, head coach and owner of the new location known as CrossFit Peak Dynamics.

The new facility had its grand opening on Saturday, Oct. 1, and drew in a large crowd of interested locals. The event included drinks, food and a small workout session lead by Jonas and his highly trained staff. Since the opening, the gym has been attracting customers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels with the same goal improving their overall fitness.

The gym features state of the art equipment and is designed to accommodate large classes. Jonas aims to foster an environment that is focused on technique and form, while also generating a large base of support among members no matter their level of skill. He believes that in rooting for one another, members will rise to challenges and meet their goals in a way that is both constructive and enjoyable.

“It’s a community I’m trying to build,” said Jonas. “I want people to support every member no matter where they’re at in terms of skill. Everyone should be aware of each other’s goals and root for one another to really push them to their full potential.”

Within about a month of being in business, Jonas has already witnessed impressive personal achievements among his clients. He assures any apprehensive potential customers that progress is possible with patience and a positive attitude.

“Members will walk in nervous, but I have a method of building up confidence,” said Jonas. “It is a process, but anything is possible if you’re patient and work on building the mechanics. It’s so motivating for me as a coach to see people being able to do things and lift weights that they couldn’t do when they first came in.”

Jonas’s expertise has been essential in helping members realize their goals. The fitness enthusiast has been a competitive athlete his whole life, participating in local athletic leagues and later playing soccer at the collegiate level. Once he graduated, he sought a regiment that would challenge him in a competitive way outside of playing in adult sports leagues or working out at a regular gym, and CrossFit was his answer.

The new CrossFit facility has state of the art equipment.

“A big component of why I grew to love it is that I had such a busy lifestyle, and then I would come to CrossFit and all I would think about was the task on the board,” said Jonas. “I could isolate my mind and focus solely on one thing, which is therapeutic.”

Jonas hopes to evoke that same passion within his members. He urges anyone, even the skeptics or those intimidated by CrossFit, to push their boundaries and see for themselves what the program is all about. He believes that CrossFit is an excellent alternative for people who are dissatisfied with their traditional gyms and are looking for a more structured workout, specifically tailored to an individual’s needs.

As for the future, Jonas is eager to see not only continually growth among his existing clients, but also a greater influx of interested new clients. There are currently special promotions to take advantage of including a friend referral program, a week of free classes for those new to CrossFit and one month of free membership for veterans, police officers, firefighters and other civil service workers.

For more information about CrossFit Peak Dynamics and the available programs, visit or call 516-364-7325.

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Nicole Lockwood is the former editor of the Syosset Jericho Tribune and New Hyde Park Illustrated News.

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